Shoe laces, that’s why everyone has an extra pair in the car: crazy

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As strange as it may seem, there are some drivers who keep extra shoe laces in their car, you will certainly be wondering why you should bring spare laces into the vehicle, the answer is not easy to guess but it really is Interesting.

Shoe laces –

This of shoelaces in the car is really an oddity, but it can come back useful in some special situations.

For example, when you get out of the car and forget to do something very important, just one shoelace, long enough, manages to solve the problem avoiding much more serious consequences.

What you need to carry with you when traveling on any vehicle

When you travel by car, you have to keep in mind that there are essential items that you should never leave at home. For example, insurance and vehicle registration documents are essential, which are used to certify that the car is owned and that it is in order with the insurance.

In the event that you were to be stopped at a checkpoint by the police, in the absence of any of these documents you would risk very important consequences. Another document that must never be missing is the driving license.

You must be able to demonstrate that you have the correct driving license to drive that particular vehicle. Then the reflective jacket is important to follow and the triangle which is used to report machine breakdowns or accidents, etc. Then obviously the spare wheel and the jack must not be missing.

What are shoelaces for in the car?

Finally, there are some useful items which obviously aren’t mandatory, but if you take them with you they can become irreplaceable, for example sunglasses which come in handy to protect your eyes from the sun should the rays hit the face directly at dawn or dusk.

Or even the phone charging cable which, however, remember that it is better to use only in emergencies because you risk damaging your smartphone, as well as the USB port and the car engine if you use it in excess, when in reality no need.

And then follows the shoelace, which instead solves the car problem that it closes automatically even when it is off, with the keys inside. If you have no way to open the door once you are out of the passenger compartment, just create a loop with your shoelace and go down to the handle entering through the window.

Obviously this is a system that only works if you forget the keys inside the car but you have the window slightly down, otherwise it’s useless. If you are lucky you can turn on the vehicle without having to break the glass.

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