Sprinter RV Conversion Package Bunk Bed And Bathroom In Standard Long Van

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Building an RV with a full kitchen, bathroom and living area using a long van is a challenge. But fitting those same features into a standard size van? The endeavor requires another level of planning and creativity, not to mention some trial and error.

But the team at Advanced RV did it at the request of a client looking to save money on an extended 170-inch wheelbase RV. They opted for a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a standard 144-inch wheelbase so they could camp and park more places than before. But even though they wanted a smaller RV, they didn’t want to sacrifice functionality. To meet these needs ARV is required to rearrange its standard configuration.

The RV was named Mies, after the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, one of the pioneers of modernist architecture. The name is apt, reflecting the interior’s modern/minimalist aesthetic, and as such required some architectural expertise to fit everything in. ARV started with digital sketches and software before moving on to cardboard mockups. Then they do traces with the client to confirm everything before starting the build.

The biggest hurdle involves the bunk beds. The clients, a retired couple who looked to be in their seventies, needed to get in and out of beds, one of which was four feet off the floor. But it’s the only solution that allows a large bathroom and galley kitchen inside a small space.

The fully equipped bathroom includes a washbasin, maceration toilet and shower. At the front, the kitchen has a stainless steel counter with an integrated sink on the driver’s side and a microwave and refrigerator on the passenger’s side. The front seats rotate and include a pair of tables that double as a dining or work space.

This vehicle is designed to operate in all seasons. Power is provided by a 6.9 kWh lithium battery system, including a 3000 watt inverter and charger placed under the lower bunk. The 40 gallon fresh water tank, 27 gallon gray water tank, and 27 gallon black tank are all heated and insulated. The diesel furnace warms the interior while generating hot water on demand and keeping the water tank from freezing.

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