Car insurance, €100 off with this fantastic trick: what a joy

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With this ingenious trick you can get up to 100 euros off your car insurance: we explain how it works

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The cost of car insurance it is one of those that we would gladly eliminate, even if of course we can’t. Having insurance coverage is mandatory in order to be able to move, under penalty of very heavy penalties.

To save on RC Auto, online insurance is very fashionable in recent times, especially the sites that allow you to compare different solutions to find the best for your needs at the most affordable price. This then also allows you to configure a series of ancillary services that may depend on personal needs.

Generally, the insurance covers in case of damages resulting from road accidentsbut it is precisely the ancillary services that give us something extra: let’s take the case of theft and fire insurance or glass insurance which is ideal for those who do not have a garage and leave their car out at night perhaps in unsavory areas.

Discount car insurance
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The price depends precisely on various factors: not only for the possible choice of extra services, but sometimes the cost of the premium can even depend on the region of residence, with some being more “expensive” than others, from the city and so on. And then there’s the layered system which is determined by the motorist’s “history”: keeping away from trouble and bad luck allows you to level up year after year, so as to obtain an ever better price.

Are there other ways to spend less? Yes, there is a trick in particular which, if put into practice, allows you to save up to 100 euros on the cost of the RC Auto. We are talking about a trick as simple as it is effective which focuses entirely on the timing within which you want to take out or renew your car insurance.

How to pay less for insurance

Saving on the price of insurance is very simple: not only by taking advantage of the various online comparison sites that allow us to have a general picture of the situation, but it is also very important move well in advance. In this way we can count on further discounts that reward the timing with which you decide to enter into your contract, which in some cases can even reach 100 euros.

What else to do? Very little: you can assess whether you have ancillary services and understand if you really need them or consult the various insurance companies every year to find the best price for you.

Save on insurance
Saving on insurance –

However, know that several companies reward customer loyalty granting him premiums for RC Auto that are increasingly lower year by year: at a certain point, therefore, it’s up to you to find the best solution and if you feel comfortable with your insurance, give it confidence that, in order not to make you leave, it will always ready to give you an extra discount.

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