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Exceeding the age of 68 no longer allows you to drive this type of vehicle: not even a driving license is enough for you, goodbye to renewal

No driving at this age
No driving at this age – Motori.News

There driving license it is the license that allows us to drive all motor vehicles, such as the car in the case of the traditional B license, and which is obtained by passing two different exams: one of a theoretical type to evaluate knowledge of the Highway Code and one of practical type which consists precisely in the verification of the correct conduct behind the wheel evaluated by a special examiner.

There driving license B, as mentioned, is the most common one because it is the traditional one that allows you to have the license to drive cars as well as mopeds up to 125cc. Then there are other categories, such as A expressly dedicated to motorbikes, C for driving large articulated lorries for the transport of goods and so on.

For each type of licence a specific practical test must therefore be carried out dedicated to the type of vehicle you intend to drive. However, the differences do not only concern this, but also the maximum age limit that can be reached. There are indeed means that, once they are overcome the 68 years of age, can no longer be conducted even by requesting a possible renewal. Let’s go and discover them together.

What vehicles you can no longer drive after you turn 68

Before continuing, let’s not forget first of all that the license renewal varies according to age group. Between the ages of 18 and 50, it must be done every 10 years: then after the age of 50, this time is halved up to the 2-year renewal required after the age of 80.

Articulated lorry
Articulated lorry –

Nevertheless, for some types of vehicles the limit stops much earlier: once they are 68 they can no longer be driven.

The issue is regulated by article 115 of the Highway Code which explains how the means used for professional driving they can no longer be driven as soon as they are over 68 years of age. We are talking about trucks, road trains and articulated lorries used for the transport of goods and with a mass exceeding 20 tons.

They are not the only ones, because at this age it is also forbidden to drive trucks, articulated buses and buses or any other means designed for the exclusive transport of people.

This limit has been increased compared to a few years ago: if previously we stopped at 65, now we can actually reach 68. However, it is important to underline how the renewal of C and D licenses from 65 to 68 must take place once a year.

Bus –

Paragraph 2 of article 115 of the Highway Code therefore states: “Anyone who drives motor vehicles cannot be over sixty-five for the transport of things. This limit can be raised, year by year, up to sixty-eight years if the driver obtains a specific certificate on physical and mental requisites following an annual specialist medical examination, with costs borne by the applicant, according to the methods established in the regulation“.

What is the risk? Fines of up to 1200 euros and, of course, the withdrawal, we can say for life, of the driving licence.

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