Carabiner, it is mandatory to always have one in the car: it saves your life

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There are some objects that cannot be missing in the car, for example a carabiner can solve many problems of various kinds, for this reason it is advisable to try to put only one inside the vehicle.

Carabiner in the car
Carabiner in the car – Motori.News

In the car we usually also keep things that are not needed, which create chaos and confusion and which also dirty the vehicle.

While in front of the news, however strange they may be, we place ourselves with detachment and distrust. For example, why none of us, or at least few, have a carabiner in the glove box? Probably because everyone deems it useless. Instead it is not so.

That’s why a gadget of a few euros, such as the carabiner, can become essential

This little gadget that can be bought almost anywhere, comes in handy for hanging items in the car, bags, shopping bags, keys or anything else you don’t want to lose in the chaos.

The advice is to buy at least one, sturdy and strong and hang it on the headrest of the driver’s seat or the passenger side. The carabiner solves the problem of shopping bags left on the seat, which, due to a sudden manoeuvre, a curve, a slowdown, of rapid or sudden acceleration they may fall.

A carabiner and a sock change life in the car

The carabiner is also perfect for those who want to keep a garment or bag clean, avoiding placing them on the seats or on the floor. On any car, handles are mounted right above the doors which are used to get off or on the vehicle.

On these there are small hooks on which hangers or small non-bulky objects can be hung. Obviously they can come in handy especially if you don’t want to wrinkle shirts but nothing more.

For example, they cannot be used to hang anything that requires much more space, such as bags or jackets. Probably no one had ever thought about it because generally everything rests on the seats and that’s it. But why settle? An expense of a few euros may be the best ever done before, as in this case.

Just as in winter, in a completely unexpected way, a very simple sock can come in handy that no one would ever keep in the car, ready to change life and habits. Rather than waiting whole minutes for the air conditioning to blow the glass, just use a mismatched or broken sock and that’s it.

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