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Car tires have never been as endangered as they are today. The reason is absurd and yet this is the reality, all that remains is to pay attention.

Tire vandals
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Just as happened for petrol and in general for fuel or for any piece needed for cars, the prices of tires have skyrocketed. That’s why those who find themselves having to buy them because they are worn out live a nightmare from time to time.

Now, however, motorists could find themselves in the position of having to buy car tires even though they still have them new due to acts of vandalism which are slowly becoming increasingly frequent.

Echo vandals here’s how they act and on which cars

To take action against the car tires are the eco-vandals who they found a particular object to protest. That is, the cars of ordinary citizens left parked on the street.

Many cars have already been vandalized in recent weeks in many Italian cities. One of the first outbursts comes from a lawyer who one day found the tires of her car flat out of nowhere and chose to initiate a private violence complaint. But to whom?

The echo vandals are the protagonists of this absurd story. Their message is clear, “Don’t take it personally, we are not after you but your luxury car”.

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How they acted in the past and how they chose to act now

If they have targeted i historic buildings, statues, institutional headquarters important for example the Senate, with launches of paint etc, today have chosen to follow another line of attack so now the citizens are paying the consequences.

The lawyer Camilla Gatti, owner of a small SUV left parked in via Goffredo Mameli, piazza Risorgimento in Milan, for one night, found two wheels on the ground. Two other SUVs were in the same condition.

Meanwhile, with the passing of the hours, they arrived of the other reports worrying that make it clear that unfortunately the phenomenon will not diminish, but will get worse.

The lawyer explained that she had left her car in perfect condition the night before, that she had come down from home to go to work in court, because it was raining and that she had found it in absurd conditions.

Consequently it seems obvious that the vandals acted during the night, because a citizen who had parked his car in the same street in the early hours of the morning had not suffered any damage.

The woman later stated that she had found a signed ticket “collective of the SuVversiv*” all wet from the rain, stuck on the windshield. The vandals have motivated their gesture as a response to the pollution and occupation of the space by of large-engined cars.

But what leaves us stunned is the morals given by the thugs to the owner of the SUV. They write: “Now that you’ve read this flyer, do you think it still makes sense to own an SUV? Cities can become a person-friendly space instead of an SUV-friendly space”.

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