Car that ends up in a frozen pond, what happens next is creepy

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What happened in America is absurd, it may seem like a figment of the imagination, in reality it really happened. A car went into a frozen pond.

Car in a pond
Car in a pond –

To be involved in the accident, paradoxically, it was a woman who was trapped in her car in a frozen pond for several hours.

The events took place in Milwaukee. The woman in question was stuck for a long time, waiting for help, with ice water up to her chest, then it was pulled out.

Here’s what happened and how things evolved

When you start driving any vehicle you have to pay attention to every manoeuvre, in short, keep the attention high at all times. All this especially in winter, especially in areas where it snows or hails.

The icy and therefore slippery road surface can become a death trap even if the right tires are mounted on the vehicle with good grip. The key to everything is accountabilityfollowed of course by respecting the speed limits.

A trivial mistake can be the cause of a sensational accident like the one that took place in America which fortunately had a positive outcome To this day it is not clear how this could have happened the accident which occurred at 10 pm on 22 December 2022.

Someone hypothesizes it may have been a distraction for a few moments. Someone else instead talks about high speed on an icy road surface, given the temperatures.

The Sheriff released the images of the terrifying episode only now, asking motorists to be careful and drive with extreme caution so that this may remain one of the very few episodes.

How the woman who was the victim of the accident was rescued

It was the firefighters who pulled the woman out of the frozen pond who, after being alerted by passers-by, they pulled her to safety using ropes. Luckily all is well that ends well.

The temperatures in that area have been well below zero for a few weeks now. In particular on the night of December 22nd -22° had been recorded.

The identity of the woman has not been published.

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