Illegal speed cameras, this made 300,000 euros in 2 months: absurd

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Speed ​​cameras frighten all motorists, motorcyclists and truck drivers in the world because their presence causes them to take home huge fines without even realizing what is happening.

Illegal speed camera
Illegal speed camera –

These devices have become ffundamental over time because they allow you to keep traffic under control and ensure that all those who drive respect the rules.

One of the rules that few respect is that of the speed limit. It is not possible to go beyond the limit imposed by the highway code. Yet not everyone remembers it when they’re driving and consequently they do what they want.

What happens in Terni, the situation gets out of hand to the municipality

In these days in the Municipality of Terni, something very particular is happening. In via Lessini, the speed camera that had recently been set up to force motorcyclists, motorists, etc. has disappeared to behave well while driving.

The speed camera in question made it possible to send a good three hundred thousand euros in fines over the course of a few months, a satisfactory result which makes the municipal coffers more than rich.

In the period from August to December the sanctions issued reach 5310. Suddenly, however, the device was removed. Here is what is the reason for the decision.

Speed ​​cameras

What happened to the speed cameras installed in Terni

The councilor Giovanna Scarcia gave the necessary explanations, according to which it was not decided to remove the speed camera definitively but temporarily for reasons of maintenance of the system.

The same thing happened to the speed camera located at the end of the city centre, viale Stadio. So once all the operations concerning the control of the equipment have been completed, both will be placed where they were.

Federico Pasculli, leader of the Five Star Movement, has initiated the request for access to the documents to verify the validity of the sanctions from August to December, given that the validated stills are those until December 15th.

To date, 5310 violations have been ascertained for 286 thousand euros. There were 1,865 violations in via Alfonsine and via dello Stadio for just over 93,000 euros.

The presence of speed cameras should make traffic safer instead today it would seem to have caused more controversy than anything else. Citizens point the finger at the municipality, accusing them of having installed the devices due to the need to raise cash.

Speed ​​cameras and checks by the police, on the other hand, are totally in favor of users, what we should do in order not to receive such serious fines is only one thing: respect the speed limits.

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