1500 liters of free petrol, all rushing from this station – what happens

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Nowadays gasoline is considered on a par with gold, both in value and in the cost it has reached. We’ve been hearing all about it for weeks now.

1500 liters of petrol for free
1500 liters of free petrol – Motori.news

All we do is talk about increases, strikes, excise duties, cuts in excise duties, interventions by part of the state up to even new expedients that should serve to fill the tank without paying or paying much less.

Unfortunately you have to be careful because often all this is not legal, that is, there are users who have discovered methods that allow you to fill up stealing fuel.

All service stations are now equipped with a video surveillance system so getting caught is very easy, the consequences then for obvious reasons they are very serious.

Here is the latest gimmick that allows you to get free petrol

Among the many illegal gimmicks, discovered in the last period there is an absurd trick, which really works, but to which you have to be very careful.

Everything revolves around the mechanisms that come into play when you go to refuel whether you’re talking about petrol or diesel or something else. The following method is perfect for those who call themselves ‘tech pirates’.

The method was first studied and put into practice in the States, then it became famous thanks to the internet and has already been applied by many expert and clever users who they confirmed: it really works.

Acting are hackers who penetrate the digital systems of petrol supplies to bypass the usual procedures. That way you just grab the gunput it in the tank and you’re done.


Tampered petrol pumps, opportunities and risks

In a nutshell, the petrol pumps are tampered with and are able to withdraw up to 1500 liters of fuel. An intelligent gimmick that obviously becomes a big headache for the owners of petrol pumps.

That’s all it takes to demonstrate and show how and what hacking can do.

No one would have ever thought of being able to do something similar and yet apparently it is even possible to tamper with petrol pumps, manage and hide credentials, carry out access to system routers, all in no time and finally withdraw petrol without paying.

Of course the idea is compelling, but be careful what you choose to do. If you were to find us in front of a link that invites you to find out how tampering with petrol pumps the right thing to do is let it go, because it’s all illegal and you risk a lot.

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