Fiat 500 at 100 euros a month, don’t miss the offer: take it now

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With this offer you can have a Fiat 500 for just 100 euros a month: find out how to do it and grab the deal right away.

Fiat 500
Fiat 500

Fiat 500 It is one of the most loved cars by Italians. An absolute true icon also of Made in Italy, the 500 has undergone various reinterpretations over the years up to the most modern versions of the latest generation.

The small car of the Turin automaker is born in 1936, after the first debut of a concept car which took place in 1915, and which since then has always kept its simple but characteristic name which made it famous and loved not only in Italy, but all over the world. Over the years, four models of this name have been produced.

Also there historic 500 in fact, it has now embraced the segment of electric motors, also proposing well-made hybrid solutions. The 500 Hybrid is the subject of the offer we want to tell you about today and which allows you to have it at a truly incredible price.

Fiat 500 for 100 euros a month: find out how

To propose the offer are different car dealershipssuch as Romana Auto, which list the 500 Hybrid starting from 13,000 euros giving the opportunity to take advantage of the maxi promo to pay for the car with a starting price of only 129 euros per month.

The hybrid Fiat 500
The hybrid Fiat 500 –

The service also includes the marking of the windows, the tire policy included and a guarantee of up to 7 years. It is the remainder of one super-equipped versionthe Cult Plus which includes alloy wheels, UConnect 7-inch infotainment system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support and Dab Radio.

All for a car that comes with double engine, electric and petrol, which work together to give you an ecological choice capable of not compromising performance on the road. This however results in a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions given that thanks to this solution the Fiat 500 Hybrid naturally needs less fuel.

And then there are gods more effective and tangible benefits such as the possibility of having free parking in the blue lines in some cities, such as Rome, as well as having access to the Limited Traffic Zones, the so-called ZTL, and the possibility of moving freely when the bans for the most polluting cars are activated.

Fiat 500 Myld Hybrid interior
Fiat 500 Myld Hybrid interior –

For more information, it is advisable to consult your trusted dealer or, if you are from the capital, try to evaluate the offer of Romana Auto which allows you to have your brand new 500 Hybrids with an outlay of just 129 euros per month. Not bad for a brand new car.

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