What happens when you rub an apple on the windshield? Incredible

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As absurd as it may seem, rubbing an apple on the windshield can come in handy because it’s much more efficient than you think.

Apple on the windshield
Apple on the windshield -Motori.news

Probably someone thereor will have seen it done at least once in a lifetime failing to understand why.

The explanation is quite simple and by the way it can also change the life of those who travel often, both in good and bad weather.

The apple rubbed on the windshield has some fantastic effects

The apple rubbed on windshield trick is simple to follow and so surprising too. For which you take an apple, it is cut in halfrubs the cut part all along the windshield to cover it entirely.

This serves to distribute throughout the glass, the malic acid which is the secret ingredient ready to change the life of motorists. Malic acid activates the lotus effect, which repels rainwater.

The effect was so named because lotus leaves, though few people know it, are able to repel rain. The malic acid from the apple rubbed directly on the windshieldmakes the rain slide which becomes dangerous when you are on the street.


Here’s how to put a cool trick into practice

The trick is therefore fantastic because it improves visibility. Of course that doesn’t mean that the windshield wipers may not be used. If these are worn or broken, it is necessary to change them because otherwise, despite the absolutely positive and beneficial action of the apple, there is a risk of causing accidents due to poor visibility.

Among other things, the malic acid of the apple also facilitates the removal of dirt including insects and debris which over time, especially if you park the car outside for a long time, deposit on the glass and once dry they are difficult to remove.

The apple can be rubbed not only on the windshield but also on all the other windows of the car, the results obtained are all quite similar to each other. If you don’t have an apple, you can also use apple cider vinegar, which works the same way.

The apple cider vinegar and water together should be sprayed on the windows as well as the windshield, to ensure that rainwater only rolls off without affecting visibility in drizzle.

In case of heavy rain there is no remedy that is enough. Not only the apple, the water and the vinegar give a flat rate. Also the windshield wipers are not working. For this reason, in similar cases you have to step aside and wait for the weather to improve.