MotoGP, Jorge Lorenzo human torch: “The body is paralyzed”

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Former MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo grappling with an extreme challenge on Spanish TV. The images that go around the web.

Jorge Lorenzo (Instagram)
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Jorge Lorenzo made a splash on Spanish TV following his retirement from MotoGP racing at the end of the 2019 season. In the winter of 2020 he participated in the program broadcast on Antena 3 “Mask Singer“, showing off his singing skills also reinterpreting famous songs by Eros Ramazzotti. Now the five-time world champion returns to the small screen on the Atresmedia group channel, in the program ‘El Desafio’in which different stars from the world of entertainment and sports face challenges of all kinds.

In the first episode Jorge Lorenzo tested his balance and self-control by completing a three-metre-high course on a hoverboard, taking on a challenge with comedian and actor Florentino Fernandez, whom he beat by a 20-second gap to take his first win in this second edition of the show.

Jorge Lorenzo “on fire” on TV

In the second episode, the former Yamaha, Ducati and Honda rider in the class MotoGP he will test himself by literally playing with fire. A mental and physical challenge in which the Majorcan will be covered in flames, like a cinema specialist grappling with a truly extreme scene. A rehearsal that required days of preparation before being aired on Friday night.

As demonstrated by some videos that appeared on his social channels, Jorge Lorenzo first practiced by having himself set fire to limited areas of the body such as his arms and legs. But in the end the show ends by transforming into a living torch! “Fire is not that makes me very excited“, commented the former driver of MotoGP, today commentator at the GPs for Dazn. “I had some burns with the bike, surrounded by fire with the bike… I had a bad time“.

Fireproof clothing does not seem to decrease and the presence of a specialized staff certainly cannot diminish the levels of fear. “The motorcycle suit is more pleasant and more comfortable to wear“. And he adds: “They can also tell you a thousand times that everything is under control and that nothing will change… when they set you on fire your whole body is paralyzed… And you want them to put it out right away“. The “incendiary” episode will be broadcast on Spanish TV Aerial 3 late Friday evening. We are sure that in the next few hours we will see more videos on social networks.

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