Nivea on the steering wheel, the result will amaze you: never seen anything like it

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Anyone has a Nivea cream in their nightstand drawer, which makes their hands super soft and hydrated, even when they are particularly damaged by the cold or lack of skin care.

Nivea on the steering wheel
Nivea on the wheel –

If you find a few extra tubes of Nivea cream lying around the house, which you have no idea how to use because they have been open for too long, it is advisable to get into the car and put it in the glovebox because it can come in handy for any eventuality.

Although it may seem strange, Nivea cream can solve many problems in the car. One of the problems that any motorist in the world encounters both on new and used cars is certainly the steering wheel with leather trim that wears out easily.

That’s why a Nivea cream can save your life in the car

Compared to other types of steering wheels or other components of the car, the steering wheel is quickly damaged because it is the most used part of the vehicle. Sweat and skin secretions ruin the leather of the steering wheel, which damage any type of material over time even the most robust and least delicate ever.

In this way, in just a few years, the steering wheel covering cracks and becomes opaque, even in some cases irreparable cuts can even be created in the same position in which you hold your hands while drivingi.e. at 10:10. For this reason it is advisable, if you particularly care about the vehicle, to always take care of it. cream

The solution par excellence that everyone can apply

To protect the steering wheel from wear and tear, a steering wheel cover can be purchased. It can be found in any store, as well as in the supermarket. Unfortunately, not all motorists like it, because it doesn’t always have good gripsometimes it becomes dangerous because it gets out of hand.

Moreover, those who particularly care about cleanliness stay away from it, because it cannot be cleaned as one would like. But here is the effective solution, within everyone’s reach, which allows you to solve the problem in a few moments and without too many problems or excessive expenses.

It’s about taking the Nivea cream and running a little along the entire steering wheel. The product hydrates the leather of both the steering wheel and the interior in general, making everything look new. To be able to use the cream correctlyit is advisable to take a soft cloth, moisten it and then wet it in the cream by rubbing it several times on the steering wheel.

Immediately afterwards it is better to pass a dry cloth which eliminates the excess product, preventing it from becoming slippery. In addition to being a bad feeling, it’s also dangerous because you can lose control of the vehicle at any time risking an accident.

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