Put a clip on the air conditioning vent: the result is crazy

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You have probably never thought about it, but putting a clip on the air conditioning vent can be especially useful for one particular thing that causes discomfort for many motorists.

Clip on the filler neck
Clip on the filler neck -Motori.news

Bad smells are often created in the car, that annoy both if you are traveling alone, and even more so if you have to accommodate someone inside the passenger compartment, to give a lift or to travel together for a few kilometers perhaps to go to school or to get to work.

As much as you can use the scented saplings or other types of perfumers, the car will remain in its little stinky, especially as soon as you go to turn on the stove or the air conditioning.

How to use the wooden peg in the car, the secret is fascinating, the practice really works, seeing is believing

To solve the problem just use a very simple wooden peg, of those used for laundry, and sprinkle drops of perfumed essence on top, the one you like best.

Among the many fragrances that can be purchased in any store or supermarket is lavender oil which makes you rest and relax, it soothes anxiety so it is recommended for those suffering from panic attacks.

Typically the fragrance is indicated for the rooms where babies go to sleep or children because it promotes sleep but is also perfect for the car. Then follows mint or eucalyptus essential oil, or rosemary essence. The latter in particular is perfect for clearing the airways.

Those who spend a lot of time driving can choose the one with rosemary or mint to get double the benefit. In fact it turns into a real panacea. Obviously the problem in this way is not solved completely, but in part.


What to do to solve the problem once and for all

It is a temporary solution that serves to make the air a little lighter and more pleasant. If you want to seriously solve the problem of the smell in the car that comes out of the heating or air conditioning, You need to clean the filler neck and the inside.

You can do this by inserting a wet cotton swab maybe with some vinegar that absorbs, counteracts and eliminates bad odors and in the meantime takes out all the dirt, including dust which, especially for those who suffer from allergies, can seriously turn into a real health problem.

Alternatively, you can ask a professional for help and that’s it, in a few minutes and at a cost for a modest sum, the car is perfectly clean and thoroughly sanitized.