Sugar in the tank, many are doing it: crazy result

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Different people become the protagonists of some gestures considered not exactly normal. Inside the tank of the car, for example, the law requires only the insertion of the fuel with which it is powered in order to be able to circulate on the road. Instead, some motorists, to increase the car’s performance and reduce consumption, look for tricks that are not always valid and useful. But what happens if you put sugar in the gas tank? Here are all the details.

Sugar in the tank
Sugar in the tank

The strong ones increases in the price of petrol prompt many people to search innovative solutions to delay the appointment with the full tank from the distributor. In reality, there is only a practical and reliable solution if you use certain products, such as pure acetone, in the right quantities. For example, by mixing a few milliliters of this product with petrol, you will obtain an improvement in engine performance and, consequently, a reduction in fuel consumption.

But it is always better to get advice from an expert in the sector. For the rest, the ways to combat increases in fuel are still to use the car always and only in case of real need, to moderate speed and to avoid an abrupt driving style full of acceleration and braking.

Furthermore, it is advisable to download certain apps, which will be able to recommend the least expensive petrol stations in your area. But there are also many other different solutions. It is enough just to pay special attention to some details.

Despite this, many people read various reviews on online blogs and make some attempts to optimize the engine performance. In most cases though, these methods can be either illegal or highly dangerous to the operation of your car’s engine.

But what is there to know about putting sugar inside the tank? Why is this move being implemented? Let’s find out all the information and details on this story.

Putting sugar in the tank – that’s what you need to watch out for

Placing sugar inside a tank – regardless of whether the car is powered by diesel, petrol or any other fuel – it is absolutely detrimental to our car. This is the thing we want to underline immediately before tackling the subject. So why do many people have to deal with the presence of sugar mixed with petrol? Here are the details about it.

Sugar tank car
Sugar in the tank of the car: it is detrimental to the engine of your car – Motori.News

The reason is linked to a joke in bad taste or a real personal revenge against the victim. In fact, no mechanic will EVER advise you to put this ingredient inside the petrol tank. In fact, sugar risks being sensationally counterproductive for the optimal performance of your car’s engine.

The sugar settles at the bottom of the tank, due to its heavier weight than gasoline. Because of this, only small parts of it can actually be aspirated. Moreover, the risk that one might not notice the presence of something anomalous is very low.

Indeed, today’s machines have gods filters that can block anomalous items. However, if the sugar ends up inside the power supply circuit, one will light up immediately dashboard light, which will inform you of the current problem. Moreover, the engine will reduce power and you will notice the anomaly. Therefore, all you have to do is turn off the car and call your garage.

The mechanics will clean the filter and remove any sugar that has accidentally ended up in the feed circuit. In this way, the engine will not break down and – immediately after the intervention – you will be able to use your car again in a serene way.

On the other hand, older machines that do not have today’s electronics may have some more problems. Indeed, today’s filters are not installed on these cars and the sugar could actually end up in contact with cylinders and injectors. Realizing the problem is not obvious. Only the reduction in engine power will warn you. It will therefore be advisable to pay much more attention to the “sugar joke” if you have a very dated car.

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