Belt tab, no one knows its true function: absurd

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All cars are equipped with special safety devices. Among these, it is impossible not to mention seat belts. They are present on any type of car of all brands. In fact, it is mandatory for the driver and passengers to wear such devices, which can really save your life in some unpleasant situations. But did you know that the belt tongue can also be used for something else? Let’s find out all the details about this special feature.

Belt tab
Belt tab

The seat belts they are essential devices to use every time you get behind the wheel. And not only the driver will be required to wear this protection. All passengers on board are required to sit in their seats with their seat belts fastened. This is what the prescribes Traffic laws.

Article 172 of the regulatory code, in fact, forces everyone on board to wear seat belts. So, the rear seat passengers too – although there are many who don’t do it – they are required to sit in their seats with the appropriate protections. Anyone caught in the act not wearing seat belts risks one administrative fine of between 83 and 332 euros. Moreover, for the driver, the risk is also that of having 5 points deducted from his driving licence.

In the event of a road accident, having your seat belts fastened can actually save your life. In fact, these protections greatly reduce the possibility that the various people on board can be pushed out of the passenger compartment. In addition, they reduce the possibility of hitting something inside the car.

These devices, also combined with the deployment of the airbag, have greatly reduced deaths from road accidents compared to several decades ago. Therefore, it becomes important to always keep these protections firmly fastened whenever the machine is in motion.

But what other “mysterious” function could the seat belt have? Here’s what it can be useful for tab of this protective device.

The special function of the seat belt tongue – that’s what it can also serve

Seat belts do not scratch the user as they are made of soft, non-sharp material. They are supplied with a soft and elastic headband, able to stretch or not depending on the case, and a tab that allows insertion and blocking. Once stabilized, the belts will never release and will guarantee maximum protection for the user. But did you know that the belt tongue also has another hidden function?

Seat belt tongue
Here is the “mysterious” function of the seat belt tongue: we are sure you have never thought about this possibility

We are sure that only a few have thought about the fact that the tongue of the seat belt can also be used for another purpose. Given its classic shape, this element can guarantee practicality for the user, even to help you in a particular circumstance.

It must have happened to everyone having to face a long journey – for work or for vacation – and wanting to bring bottles from home, in order to avoid substantial expenses at the Autogrills. However, some bottles only need to be opened using a bottle opener. And if we had forgotten this device?

No fear. Indeed, the tongue of the seat belt will be perfectly able to uncork the bottles. Driver and passengers on board, therefore, will be able to stop in a rest area and refresh themselves in complete serenity and light-heartedness.

Being a non-intuitive thing, we’re sure many of you had never thought about this secondary function of the various seat belt tabs present in the car. A trick that can improve this particular aspect and greatly simplify your life when opening a sealed bottle.

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