Gasoline vouchers, beware of the scam: they empty current accounts

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Expensive fuel is being felt more and more in our country. Some vouchers and government subsidies, however, allow Italians to breathe a bit, despite the critical situation. In fact, petrol is becoming more and more a luxury. In a situation of rising prices, some people try to devise scams, taking advantage of the precarious situation of other citizens. What is happening? Here are the details on the scam involving some petrol coupons.

Beware of the scam
Beware of the scam – Motori.News

The fuel cost it started to rise again from January 1st of the new year. The reason is linked to the stop on the cut in excise duties wanted by the Government, after many months of extensions due to the state of emergency. In fact, international tension has caused fuel prices to skyrocket, but not only that.

After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, in fact, there have been increases in every area and sector of our lives. An increasingly unsustainable situation for many Italians. They also opted for try to reduce unnecessary car trips.

There are many people, in fact, who use cars less and more public transport, or electric bikes and other less polluting vehicles every day. Going to work with solutions other than using the car is an option chosen by more and more citizens of our country. A choice of savings, but also linked to a greater sensitivity towards environmental issues.

The Italian government is trying to improve the situation linked to expensive fuel, thanks to the introduction of some bonuses and incentives. The last one is that of 200 euros for each employee in the private sector. It will be up to the head of the individual company to approve everything and guarantee the benefit – which will not generate income – to each of its employees.

But which scam on petrol coupons has recently occurred in our country? Here is the situation that you must always be careful of to never suffer a real subtraction of money from the current account.

Gasoline coupons, here is the scam you must always be careful of

There are many valid ways to save petrol, how to have a smooth driving style and moderate speed. Refueling at petrol stations cheaper than others or refueling at self-service are other solutions that we widely recommend. But what gas coupon scam is circulating online? Here are all the details about this particular situation that you need to pay attention to.

Scam fuel voucher
The fuel voucher scam sent on WhatsApp: here’s what you must NEVER do – Motori.News

Scams related to phishing are, unfortunately, the order of the day. It refers to any attempt to extort money online, by sending emails or WhatsApp messages. In recent days it has been circulating on the well-known instant messaging app un message inviting you to click on a specific link to receive a 100 euro petrol voucher.

It is explained how it is a protest against the expensive fuel and the ongoing war on Ukrainian territory. But the situation is not quite like that. Indeed, if the person were to click on the link to obtain the petrol voucher and fill in a form with their personal data, they would run the risk of being subjected to a real scam.

In suspicious cases like these – no one, for example, will EVER give you free money to protest against the state – it is appropriate delete the message and never provide your personal data and other confidential information.

Scam petrol coupon
Petrol coupons, here is the scam – Motori.News

“These messages should be trashed, especially in the presence of attachments, which should never be opened. If in doubt, call a consumer association” – here is the information note from the Postal Police to warn people.

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