There are those who hang lemon and pepper on the car: the reason is absurd

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Every day we are attracted by some peculiarities that can seem really strange. In fact, many people insert various unusual details both inside and outside their car. They may concern some special stickers or other objects of dubious value. But why can it happen to come across cars equipped with lemon and chilli pepper? Let’s find out the “function” of these ingredients for your car.

Lemon and chilli
Lemon and chilli

For many people, the car represents a very important place. Indeed, many Italians spend several hours of their day in the car, mainly due to work travel. For many, therefore, the car is almost a second home.

Many motorists, therefore, think well of make your car more welcoming and comfortable, embellishing it with many objects. Many of these also perform several important functions. For example, an Arbre Magique or other special car air freshener can be useful to ensure a more pleasant smell inside the car.

Other more natural ingredients, such as essential oil, ginger, or vinegar may also be able to remove nauseating odors. Let’s clarify immediately how they can be a temporary solution. However, to ensure hygiene and always breathable air in the car, it becomes advisable to clean the interior regularly and never neglect this aspect.

But among the objects and elements present in the car there may also be objects with an aesthetic purpose only. Many motorists think of customizing their car, equipping it with numerous items or special stickers. For example, in recent years there has been the custom of placing stickers with the names of all the members of one’s family on the rear window.

But among the many ways used to personalize one’s car, there is also the possibility of hanging some ingredients, such as chilli pepper and lemon. What can these products also be used for? Here are all the details about it.

Particular ingredients hanging from cars: that’s what they’re really for

Very often we notice the presence in the car of various particular and apparently useless objects. Instead, they turn out to be suitable for solving different problems and situations of our car. However, this is not the case with chili hanging in the car. Why, then, can you come across this ingredient hanging outside or inside a car? Here’s what you need to know.

Car chili
Chili pepper present in the car: this is why it is often hung up – Motori.News

We Italians – some more, some less – are all enough superstitious. In many situations, in fact, we believe that a good luck object can really influence destiny and save us from certain adversities. Croissants, magical objects, four-leaf clovers or other, therefore, can perform the task of “relieving” people’s anxieties.

Partly for fun and partly out of popular belief, therefore, many people rely on certain amulets to defeat the “evil eye”. And this may also be the “function” of chillies hanging in the car instead of air fresheners. Furthermore, they can also be located on the number plate or, in any case, outside the car.

No particular use, therefore, reserves the chilli hanging inside the car. But why is this ingredient used as an amulet and as a lucky charm? Since ancient times, the chilli was considered a lucky charm, both for its red color and for its particular shape.

In fact, chilli peppers are similar to the horns of bulls and other animals considered powerful and strong. The tradition and legend linked to the fortune of the chilli has been handed down from generation to generation. It still lives today. If you come across a car with this ingredient hanging, therefore, don’t go looking for who knows what reason. It is simply an amulet!

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