Put a cork in the car door, the reason is incredible

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Cork has truly incredible properties: we explain why you should put a stopper in your car door

Corks in the door – Motori.News

There are several more or less strange remedies on the internet. The one we are about to tell you about, however, risks beating them all. Do you know why? Because it actually works.

Let’s talk about Cork, that object we find when we uncork a good bottle of wine or sparkling wine that many of us tend to keep as a souvenir or for other reasons. Eg, cork has properties which allow it to easily absorb bad smells, for this reason it is advisable to put it in the refrigerator.

So can the same thing work in cars? We say yes, you just need to take a couple of tricks to understand when and how we should use a cork in the door of our car. The benefits will surprise you.

Why use a cork in the car door: immediate benefits

The problem with the inside of a car that isn’t cleaned or cleaned often enough anyway is that over time it begins to accumulate bad smells which, once inside the car, are certainly not very pleasant.

The cork
Cork – Motori.news

This problem occurs particularly in the summer, especially if the car remains under the scorching sun for many hours, but it can happen even in winterin those particular cases, for example in which the bad smell comes out of the air conditioning vents that we use to warm up or due to the mud accumulated on the carpets due to humidity and bad weather.

Traveling with these bad smells is not pleasantnor healthy, for this reason it would be a good idea to clean the car regularly, even for a simple hygiene issue. However, to prevent bad smells, cork stoppers can be an ally that is as fundamental as it is effective.

To use this method in the best way we should first cut the cork in two and, subsequently, add the essential oil of our choice on the two ends obtained. Once this is done we will keep them in one of the car door pockets or, if you prefer, somewhere else.

Within a few hours, the double action by the cork will take effect. First we will proceed with the elimination of bad smells and then, with the help of the essential oil, we will have our favorite perfume in the air in the car.

Corks collection
Collection of cork stoppers – Motori.news

The only limitation of this method? You have to change the caps about every two days because the effect wears off pretty quickly. Luckily, it would be enough to put some corks aside, cut them in half, so as to have them ready as many times as we want and need.

We therefore recommend that you try: it is an easy to apply solution, very cheap and, above all, organizing yourself with different caps can last a really long time. Of course, always remember to clean your car regularly: cork is not equipped for miracles.

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