What happens if you use your Telepass on another car? You won’t believe it

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Telepass is a more than convenient system, designed to make passing through the tollbooth quick and easy.

Telepass on another car
Telepass on another car – Motori.News

The device must be paired with the license plate of the car of the person paying the subscriptionOtherwise, you run a really big risk.

Those who travel and cover many kilometres, especially on the motorway, for work reasons or simply for leisure, will certainly have equipped themselves with a Telepass, because in fact it is convenient both in terms of time and money.

The Telepass allows you to save large sums and several minutes by skipping the long queues that are always present at the normal toll booths. Those who don’t have it try to be smart in a thousand ways, all illegal.

Mounting the device on an unregistered car, can it be done or not?

For example, it may happen that you have to travel several kilometers and think of asking a friend who has a Telepass to lend it just to install it in the car during the trip, to then repay the money owed.

Of course, it is thought to be a perfect solution, in reality and it is not absolutely legal and for this reason it should not even be taken into consideration in the slightest because on return one finds a bitter surprise, a stratospheric fine because the license plate has not been registered correctly.

In all of this, the legitimate holder of the Telepass is charged the toll for the entire motorway network traveled by the car, even if those who used the device only entered at the penultimate toll booth and exited at the last one.


What to do to use Telepass legally without risk

In order to use Telepass legally, you need to register the vehicle number plate, be careful because only two number plates per device can be registered. Registration must take place at a Punto Blu car office on the motorways, or at banks or on the Telepass site directly online in a few clicks.

When signing the contract, precise data must be provided, i.e. the holder’s personal data, mobile phone number, IBAN for debit and access credentials, email address, vehicle number plate, or the license plates of the vehicles on which the device is to be installed.

Getting around the law is probably the goal of all Italian motorists who somehow try to pay less and less than they should. However, we must take into account the fact that if it goes wrong and therefore if you are caught, you are forced to pay triple the amount due, so any trick, even what may seem convenient at first glance, is actually not. at all.

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