Fiat 600, the new model is beautiful: anything but expensive SUVs

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The new Fiat 600 aims at the compact SUV segment: the launch is expected this year, but the requests are already very high.

Fiat 600
Fiat 600 –

With the launch of the new Fiat 600which the Turin automaker should unveil within the first half of 2023, the market for Compact SUVs he may soon meet an adversary of no small importance.

Although the name is not yet official and confirmations in this sense are awaited, it is clear however that the direction taken by the Italian manufacturer seems to be taken and at this point we expect more indications in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, however, we can already know some interesting details which we are now going to see together.

New Fiat 600: the compact SUV already in demand by everyone

The production of the new car has been entrusted to the Stellantis plant located in Tychy, Poland, the same one that will also build the Jeep Avenger and the new Alfa Romeo B-SUV. Fiat is betting a lot on the new 600, aware of entering a high-demand market and that could lead to very important sales.

New Fiat 600 Concept
New Fiat 600 Concept –

It is no coincidence then that we are already talking about one estimate of more than 100,000 machines sold per year for the new model. Although the sale is only planned for the European market, at least for the moment, Fiat really wants to break decisively into this sector by offering a wide range of configurations and a value for money that risks breaking the competition’s eggs.

However, it is still very early to talk about prices, but industry experts agree that the starting version could have a very aggressive attack cost. even around 20,000 euroswhich for a machine of this type is not bad at all.

You won’t miss one fully electric configuration which will obviously also be the most expensive and for which an outlay of between 34 and 35,000 euros is expected. For the basic version, on the other hand, the engine will probably be petrol but the use of a is not even excluded Mild hybrids which could further benefit potential buyers given the numerous eco-incentives envisaged.

Render new Fiat 600
Rendering new Fiat 600 –

There length of this SUV compact should not exceed 4.1 meters, while the totally new design could then also involve the other cars of the Fiat brand. Which is why this 600 takes on even more interesting connotations.

In this sense, it should be remembered that by the end of the year we must also expect the launch of the new one Fiat Topolino, with confirmations that have arrived just recently. Great expectations in 2024 for the debut of a new model of Fiat Panda. Some elements of the design of both cars could therefore be anticipated by the new Fiat 600.

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