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Some elements of our car can be damaged in both the short and long term. Knowing how to identify the problem immediately is very important, so as not to compromise the correct functioning of the car and not having to put a heavy hand on your wallet. It may happen, for example, that the radiator may leak liquid. How to locate the hole? Here are all the details to solve the problem in simple steps and in a convenient way.

Hole in the radiator
Radiator with holes – Motori.News

Cars, due to use and the passing years, run the risk of being damaged. Constant routine maintenance is the best solution to prevent any failure and unexpected malfunction. The more the years go by and the more the kilometers on the speedometer increase, the greater the risks of having small and big problems.

But to every problem there is a solution. Just be careful and notice any little details that are wrong. Sometimes, for example, it may happen that you hear small noises coming from the engine or from other parts of the car. Other times, however, the warning lights on the dashboard will signal the presence of a possible malfunction.

The important thing is never to be lazy, underestimating the thing. Much better to remove the doubt immediately, going to some expert person in the sector. A clarification could save your car.

In this article we talk about the radiator. It its function is to better regulate the temperature of the coolant inside the engine. It therefore allows the engine block to always remain below a certain temperature range, so that it does not overheat too much.

As can happen to all elements of the car, the radiator is also subject to wear and possible breakage. How do you find out if it is punctured? Let’s find out how to repair it inexpensively.

Radiator with holes, here’s how to fix the problem quickly and cheaply

A radiator can leak fluid. We’ve all seen patches of water under some cars. The reasons are related to possible damage to this very important part of a machine. The radiator can become punctured and, therefore, leak liquid for various reasons. Let’s find out the causes of this and the cheap DIY method to plug the hole. Here are the details.

Car radiator with holes
Radiator with holes, here are the causes of the fault and how to fix it – Motori.News

If the radiator should leak a few days after buying a new car, then it is very likely that the cause is to be found in a factory defect. But this eventuality is very low indeed. The problem of liquid leakage from a radiator is almost always to be found in the presence of a hole on it. And the causes of the formation of this leak can be different.

Let’s start from radiator corrosion. Indeed, after several years, this device can wear out and corrosion can create one or more holes. Proper maintenance can prevent it from corroding easily. Radiator failure can also happen due to something unforeseen, such as a small accident due to a rear-end collision.

If you notice a radiator malfunction and a patch of liquid on the asphalt, it is possible that this element has a hole in it. To find out where the hole is, you will need to fill the entire radiator and see where the fluid is coming from.

Once you have identified the hole, you will need to repair it. How? Thanks to a special leak stopper designed for radiators. It presents a material capable of sealing small holes and can be purchased for a few euros at any specialized shop.

If, on the other hand, the hole is large, then it is necessary to proceed with actual welding. In this case, the do-it-yourself operation is more discouraged.

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How to understand if the problem is solved? You need to see if after several hours of running the engine, the liquid inside the radiator remains unchanged. If there are no more leaks, then you have solved the problem completely.