Dear petrol, this is the best time to fill up: you save a lot

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Any motorist, motorcyclist, driver of heavy vehicles is constantly looking for ways to cope with the high price of petrol that we have found ourselves having to face over the last few years.

Expensive petrol
Expensive petrol – Motori.News

Until 2020, petrol was not that much of a problem, because the cost was within the norm.

After the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war everything got worse and what no one ever expected happened. With its backlash, the conflict has changed the lives of all of us.

How the lives of Italians have changed as a result of the high fuel price

Those who initially they loved to travel by car, today they avoid doing it and if they really have to move they prefer to use public transport despite being aware that they are not at all reliable in many Italian cities.

This and much more is done in order not to consume petrol and diesel which, due to the expensive petrol, cost too much. For now, the costs are within 2 euros, but in the coming months, as the conflict continues, they could even increase.

The state last year it launched the cut in excise duties and then gave way to numerous convenient bonuses for making petrolpaying much less out of pocket, for example the 150 bonus, or the 200 bonus.

But that’s not all, because there are some small tricks that can come in handy, which allow you to save money by using petrol when needed without fearing the final cost. The first thing to do is go around the petrol stations because not all of them have the same price.


Some tricks to pay less when refuelling

Some prices are affordable, others are sky-high. It can often help to go along a few more kilometers to save even just a few euros, which in the long run makes a difference.

Then it is better to go early in the morning because the temperature is low, so the fuel that is underground is not dense and rises quickly. Better to use the pump gun at minimum power because setting it to the maximum makes you spend more.

The slowly dispensed fuel creates much less vapor and therefore enters the tank in liquid form. When the tank is in reserve it is not advisable to refuel or in any case it is not advisable to fill up.

Generally it should never go down more than halfway. It is also better to avoid when the fuel truck is present at the refueling point, because this is stirred and sediments come to the surface which can damage the tank and the car.