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Many people wonder if it is possible to drive an unregistered car. In our country there are very clear rules, based on different situations. In some cases it is possible to carry out this move, absolutely not going against the law. Other times, however, it is not possible to drive a car that is not your own, leading to very high fines. But what happened some time ago? Here is the story of a story that has caused much discussion.

Car registered to another
Car registered to another – Motori.News

Driving a car registered to another is only possible in certain cases. In fact, other times the risk is to suffer problems during an agent check. In fact, there is the risk of having to put a heavy hand on the wallet, paying a very high administrative fine.

A specific law of 2014, in fact, regulated the use of unregistered cars. No problem if you are family members living with the car owner. In this case, the use of the machine without head is absolutely permitted. Therefore, it will not be necessary to report anything to the DMV.

However, things change if the car has been lent to a family member who does not live together or to a friend. In this case, in fact, nothing will have to be reported if the use will be sporadic or, in any case, not exceeding 30 days. If, on the other hand, the loan is long-lasting and continuous, then the car cannot be driven without having reported the matter to the DMV.

Beyond 30 days, therefore, the name of the beneficiary must also be reported on the vehicle registration document of the loan. In the event of failure to report, the fines can even exceed 2,500 euros, in addition to the withdrawal of the registration certificate.

But what happened recently? What episode caused several problems for the owner and beneficiary of a car? Let’s find out every detail of this incredible story.

Here is the sensational fine suffered for driving a car not his: the story of the story

In Florence some time ago, the agents in charge of traffic control stopped a suspicious car in a supermarket parking lot. They were left suspicious by the presence of a mattress on the roof and by a less than optimal general condition of the car. What did they find?

Fine car
The incredible story that took place in Florence: here’s everything that happened – Motori.News

The stopped car was one Renault Megane. The person, after the request for documents by the police, first pretended not to be driving the vehicle. Subsequently, however, he was convinced to show the documents. All the data was reported by the agents to the central office.

What was discovered was truly incredible in several respects. First of all, the Romanian stopped did not have a regular driving licence. He was therefore sanctioned with a fine of 5,000 euros.

Moreover, it has been discovered that he is not the owner of the Renault Mégane stop. Indeed, the car belonged to a fellow countryman. But what has been further discovered is really crazy. Indeed, the latter had 220 cars registered in his name. In practice, the man acted as a figurehead and “lent” the car to other people for a cash consideration.

Incredible the fine that the “crafty” will now have to pay. Indeed, he will now have to pay a fine of 530 euros for each registered car. The total comes to the incredible sum of 116,000 euros.

But that’s not all. Incredibly, the Romanian himself made another completely illegal move. In fact, he was stopped driving a van of his own. Nothing serious? Apparently yes, except that the presence of special waste was found inside the vehicle without an adequate permit. To the previous super fine, therefore, another 3,200 euros was added for this violation.

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