Michael Schumacher, the news has just arrived: the fans are crying

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Sad news comes for Michael Schumacher fans: a historical piece of his incredible career will soon be auctioned.

Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher – Motors.News.it

Michael Schumacher is a name that alone makes the hearts of all fans tremble dthe Formula One and in particular of the Ferrari fans. During his career with the colors of the prancing horse, from 1996 to 2006, the German driver conquered records that made the history of the team and of motor sport par excellence.

With Ferrari, after a few difficult years, the Kaiser succeeded conquer five world titles in a row between 2000 and 2004, managing to beat opponents of the caliber of Mika Hakkinen, Juan Puablo Montoya and a very young Kimi Raikkonen. Unforgettable, however, also the 2006the year of his farewell, in which the German driver was in battle with a then rampant Fernando Alonso until the end for the conquest of his eighth world title.

From that cursed ski accident which took place several years ago now we have no more news: the Schumacher family asked for and obtained maximum confidentiality and all we know about the beloved driver is that at this moment he is still receiving care and the best possible treatment at his home.

Meanwhile, the son Mick Schumacher, after two years with Haas, this year he will be the third driver for Mercedes, a team in which the German driver had sanctioned his sensational return to Formula One in 2010 and for which he contributed to building the string of successes that allowed over the years a Lewis Hamilton to join him in the ranking of the most world-championed drivers.

Ferrari F2001
Ferrari F2001 – Motori.news

Now comes a piece of news that will not please the most avid enthusiasts: the F2001the car in which Schumacher won his second world title with Ferrari in 2001, will soon be auctioned off.

The F2001, the legendary car of Michael Schumacher, soon to be auctioned

Bonhams’ Scottdale auction will have it among its items for sale on January 27th. Let’s talk about one of the most successful cars in the history of Formula Oneon par with the extraordinary single-seaters of 2002 and 2004, as well as some of the Mercedes of recent years.

Someone will have the opportunity to take home this unique collector’s item, even if obviously it won’t be cheap: the The starting price is set at $500,000 and obviously it is necessary to be provided with a garage or a space in which to store it.

Reproduction F2001
Reproduction F2001 – Motori.news

The machine in question is not working, but one show car produced by Ferrari itself just for this occasion. Beyond this, it is a faithful reproduction in all its parts, which also includes the use of some materials from the original single-seater. A unique rarity that has made the history of the prancing horse and of Formula One.

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