Window cleaner soap, you only need 0.20 cents to make it at home: it cleans perfectly

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Car windows always dirty? Here’s how to make a window cleaner soap for just 0.20 euro cents. You can do it at home: it cleans perfectly.

Window cleaner soap
DIY window cleaner soap – Motori.News

The windows of our car tend to get dirty very easily, which is why it is important to obtain or make a windshield washer soap that always ensures excellent visibility while driving. The specific products that we find on the market are not always the ideal solution, on the contrary they are sometimes ineffective and also very expensive. For this reason, the best solution could be to create a do-it-yourself washer fluid, which can be done comfortably at home. It’s about a effective and economical solution: here’s how to make your own window cleaner soap.

Car windshield washer soap: why not buy the ones on the market?

We often rely on commercially available window cleaner products to wash the windows of our car, but they are not always effective. Besides being very expensive, these chemicals contain the methanol or wood spirita substance harmful to human health and the environment.

DIY window cleaner soap
DIY window cleaner soap –

Among the warnings given on commercially available window cleaner soaps it is indicated that they induce depression of the central nervous system and are responsible for damage to the retina.

Homemade window cleaner soap: here is the do-it-yourself solution

A first economic solution to prepare at home is to mix distilled water, ammonia and a little dish soap. This DIY washer fluid is the perfect solution for those traveling on muddy terrain.

Car washer fluid: how to get rid of pollen?

To eliminate pollen and debris it is possible to create a window cleaner solution with distilled water and white wine vinegar. Once the ingredients are mixed, this solution allows you to clean the windows of your car. To prevent the mixture from freezing, add a little denatured vinegar.

Car windshield soap with denatured alcohol

To clean the windows of your car when the temperatures drop a lot, it is good to add to the mixture too 99% denatured alcohol. This ingredient allows window cleaner soap not to freeze. For motorists who live along coastal areas, simply add 70% denatured alcohol to the solution.

Car windshield soap: what is it for?

A car washer soap is the more effective solution to clean the windows, to have a clean windshield and to travel in total safety. It is important to check the level of washer soap and, if missing, it must be added. Thanks to the do-it-yourself window cleaning soap, you will always have perfectly clean windows. Plus, you will save a lot of money as well do not pollute the surrounding environment.

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