Coin in the door, why should you be careful when you see it: absurd

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It may seem absurd, but a coin stuck in your car door can be the announcement of a very serious and dangerous event.

Coin on the door
Coin on the door –

For this reason, if you find this surprise once back in the car, the first thing to do is to call the Carabinieri, because as absurd and bizarre as it may seem, it is used by the bad guys to steal what belongs to other people and often they succeed.

Mainly due to the economic crisis, now anyone looking to make money something in any way, even through illegal methods, which can lead to serious consequences.

What to do when you reach your car

When heading to the car to accompany your children to school, or simply to go to work, you need to pay attention to the small details that can make the difference.

The first thing to look at is the handle, to try to figure out if something has been jammed before our arrival Or if everything is under control.

Then the same thing must be done with the wheels, because as well as jamming the coin, the bad guys can also jam an empty plastic bottle between the wheel and the wheel arch to distract the driver and take advantage of this moment of confusion to take away his car.

How the coin trick works

Generally the coin that is used is a few cents, so it does not attract attention immediately or from a distance. Among other things, it is not placed in the handle of the driver’s door, but behind it because they are the least used doors and therefore there is a lower risk that the owner notices it by taking it out in time.

At this point, when going to lock the vehicle doors, the handle where the coin was stuck It doesn’t work as it should so the door stays open.

In this way the criminals do not necessarily have to follow the owner of the vehicle to steal the car under any circumstances, they simply have to wait for his return home to be able to steal the vehicle undisturbed at night, or take away what is inside and which could have an economic value.

Many people over the last few years have fallen into it, indeed falling into this trap is not difficult or impossiblefar from it. But by exploiting the powerful means of the internet and social networks, all of this can be avoided and resolved.

The only thing to do is to spread the news as much as possible to stem a dishonest method that can harm many people, both the elderly and the youngest due to inattention.

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