Spread an orange on your car headlights, the result will surprise you: you always will

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There are so many strange things around. Probably someone will have seen an orange spread on the car headlights and will have been surprised, thinking it was an absurd gesture, without motivation.

Orange on the headlights
Orange on the headlights -Motori.news

Yet this trick works in particular to solve a problem that all motorists, and not only, they find themselves facing at least once in their life.

Having a vehicle, whether it’s a car or a motorcycle or a heavy vehicle, means having important responsibilities that have to do with yourself and with others.

The first thing to do is to take care of the vehicles because circulating on an inappropriate vehicle can cause an accidenteven mortals for a thousand reasons.

The inconvenience of a neglected car is absolutely not insignificant, that’s why

In this regard, we cannot fail to mention getting dirty, which at first glance may seem like an aesthetic problem only, but which actually turn into discomfort even while drivingbecause they limit visibility, blocking the light.

On clear headlights the bulbs manage to illuminate the road quietly, while if they have to pass the dirt of the headlights they encounter serious problems.

In spring, especially when pollen becomes more and more abundant or in winter when snow and ice dull the headlights, tricks are used that don’t always solve everything. Sometimes you buy suitable products which leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

Other times toothpaste is used, still others vinegar which, if used in the home environment, gives its best. But here’s something new that not everyone knows.


How to use orange for car cleaning

The orange cut in half and combined with baking soda can give excellent results. To try it, you have to do this: cut the orange in two halves, sprinkle it with bicarbonate of soda and then rub it over the fogged or dirty headlights.

In a few seconds the headlight appears perfectly clean, indeed it becomes brilliant. The difference between the dirty and the clean one can be seen at first glance. Probably few will have tried this trick and they will also be skeptical, in reality it can really give some great satisfaction.

Whoever puts it into practice from now on will no longer be able to do without it above all because these are products that we all have at home in the pantry or in the bathroom, always available for other uses.