Put a tea bag in the car door: here’s why

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We are all used to keeping the tea bag in the kitchen, ready to prepare a good cup of hot tea on a particularly cold evening or an afternoon dedicated to relaxation.

Put a tea bag in the door
Put a bag of tea in the counter -Motori.news

Few probably know that a tea bag in the car, especially in the counter, can come in handy to solve a problem that is causing you inconvenience and that unites us all a little without distinction. Both those who take care of the vehicle and those who wash it little and neglect it a lot.

As absurd as it may seem, tea bags can be used in many ways and contexts, in each of these they give unbeatable results. Seeing is believing.

Here are the thousand uses of a very simple tea bag

For example, a sachet can be used to treat infections or inflammations, bruises, scratches, superficial wounds, redness. To try this, you dip the teabag into cold water, then press it on the affected area for at least 15 minutes.

In this way its excellent anti-inflammatory properties are activated which reduce swelling and redness giving a nice feeling of relief. Or a tea bag can be useful for treating dark circles and herpes or sun spots. It is used in the same way in a simple, fast and practical way for everyone.


The sachet placed in the drawer of the car or in the shoes gives incredible results

Alternatively, it can be used to eliminate bad smells that form inside shoes, both in summer and in winter. All you have to do is put an already used one inside your shoes and leave it to act for a few hours. Not only does the product absorb mold and humidity, but leaves a very good smell that lasts for days.

The same thing happens if you place it inside the refrigerator, because it neutralizes all bad smells and keeps humidity levels balanced to preserve food well and prevent something from going bad.

Finally, it can even be used in the car, because it purifies the environment. to do this you need to place a used tea bag in the drawer of the car, ready to replace the deodorant which costs a lot and which does not give who knows what results.

In a few minutes, the tea bag absorbs both humidity and bad smells, so the machine is always ready to host a friend or relative without being afraid of feeling uncomfortable because of the bad and annoying smell.

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