Mercedes Gives A $7,900 Bonus To Employees Under A Profit-Sharing Scheme

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Since 1997, Mercedes has shared a portion of its profits with its employees. In 2022, around 100,000 workers will receive an additional €6,000 as a “show of respect” after a favorable 2021. Following last year’s solid performance, the three-pointed star is pleased to announce a record €7,300 revenue sharing bonus. At the current exchange rate, it comes out at just over $7,900. The fat bonus will be distributed to around 93,000 eligible employees.

The company’s management and the Public Works Council have agreed to pay a special lump-sum bonus to workers in Germany. They will get the money along with their April salary. Interestingly, the amount is even higher than the current maximum payout limit of €6,465. Starting from the 2023 financial year, a new profit sharing bonus calculation system will be established. Mercedes said the new strategy “will be aligned with the existing management system.”

This generous bonus comes at a time when Mercedes has agreed to spend $47 billion by the end of the decade to fund its electric circuit. The German luxury brand intends to only offer EVs “where market conditions allow” by 2030. To achieve this, they are designing several new platforms, such as MMA for compact cars, MB.EA for medium to large vehicles, and AMG.EA for performance. model. In addition, VAN.EA will support minivans and commercial vehicles.

Together with its partners, Mercedes will build no less than eight battery factories to support its growing range of electric products. It intends to lower the combustion engine development budget by 80 percent through 2026, which will have a direct impact on the workforce to cut costs. For the same reason, the compact car lineup will be simplified, with A-Class Hatchbacks and Sedans believed to be dropped, along with B-Class minivans.

Mercedes projects hybrid and electric cars to account for half of its total annual sales by 2025, five years earlier than originally estimated.

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