VW ID. Buzz Gets White Wheels, Subtle Body Kit In Overhaul Of Its Previous Design

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ID Volkswagen. Buzz has been produced for the European market. The US version won’t go on sale until 2024, which sucks. But that buys time for tuners and parts makers to prepare an assortment of aftermarket parts for new owners to install into the electric van. Prior Design showcased several styling concepts that showcased the stylistic possibilities of the van.

The new wheels, lowered suspension and subtle changes to the front and rear fascia could completely change the Buzz’s design. The van was little more than a rectangular box with a nose, but Prior Design was still able to stylize and reposition the van.

The two-tone white and silver example features a more prominent grille that retains the original diamond perforations but accepts brackets that better define the face of the van. Painting it black also helped. It sits atop a subtle front bumper spoiler, wraps around and blends in with new side sills that further lower the car’s mass. White Rotiform wheel add more style.

The rear end update is much more subtle, with the EV receiving a sportier diffuser that mimics the full-width taillight motif. This is a design that was also used for the extended roof spoiler, tying all the new rear elements into the original design. The red-black VW sports a more subtle rear diffuser with subtle red accents.

It will be interesting to see what aftermarket specialists dream up for the van’s exterior. There’s only so much that can be changed, but we’re excited to see what will become of the Buzz’s expansive interior. Volkswagen has announced plans to offer a California Camper variant after 2025, but tuners are already turning the EV into a camper van.

The Prior Design concept is just a preview of what might be available one day. Any new body kit will negatively impact EV range, but it’s unlikely in the grand scheme of things. VW ID. Buzz is a reimagined icon, and we can’t wait to see fans use it and create amazing things with it. It’s a blank canvas.

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