Blue stripes, you just click to stop paying them: how much money saved

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Blue stripes on the rise throughout Italy. Finding parking is increasingly difficult, moving by any vehicle.

Blue stripes

While taking into consideration the hypothesis of parking even where parking is paid, it is not certain that you will be lucky enough to find a free seat.

In Italy every family has at least one or two cars, which is why finding a free parking space has become a real daydream.

Parking in Italy has become a problem, here’s why

Whoever buys a car first thinks of the parking problem because a bigger car needs a bigger parking space. It may seem like a trivial detail, in reality it is significant especially in a country where parking is scarce in every season of the year.

The costs of the parking fees on the blue stripes are by the way increasing. For this reason, ad hoc solutions designed to solve several problems in one fell swoop begin to emerge.

There are those who they also park where parking is prohibited by law, for example where there are no parking restrictions, or even double queues. Then there are also those who use the broken car strategy.

So you travel in two, one gets out of the car to do what he wants or what he has to, the other instead waits in the hope of not seeing the police arrive, and then justifies himself by stating that he is waiting for a mechanic because the vehicle is broken. All of these remedies are illegal.


The legal solution to park not on the blue lines, but in private parking lots saving money

There is a legal trick that many do not know, ready to resolve the situation, which refers to the use of technological means that they allow you to spend little and quickly find out the exact position of the free parking spaces.

These are applications that can be downloaded to computers and smartphones and are useful in many contexts. In this way you can say goodbye to wild parking or to parking in the second row for various emergencies, among other things, also taking advantage of discounts and promotions to save.

One of the apps is the Telepass app with which you can park in the affiliated structures by paying at reduced prices, with automatic payments on card. Next is the Mycicero app, through which you can pay for parking only for the minutes used and no more, as it works with the blue lines. The app in question can be used in 150 Italian cities.

The latest is EasyPark with which you can pay for everything even without cash, directly with cards with automatic debit. Among other things, the app updates in real time and sends notifications for indicate any free spaces used for parking.