Weird devices on light poles, if you get caught you’re done – that’s what they’re for

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Light poles guarantee a public lighting system in built-up areas or in some suburban areas that need greater visibility for safety reasons. At night, being able to count on the light emanating from these street lamps is essential to ensure better visibility for motorists behind the wheel. But do you know that special devices can be installed on these elements? What are they for? Here’s everything you need to know about this aspect.

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THE light poles are elements present in any area of ​​our country. They are practically mandatory in urban centers and in some dangerous points on the main extra-urban roads. On country roads or secondary roads, however, their presence is more difficult. But which devices can be placed on lampposts?

A light pole consists of a framework and an optical system consisting of a protective glass and a reflector. Their height can vary according to specific needs. There is, therefore, no standard value for this aspect. Lampposts can be 3 to 10 meters high. Each municipality or body that manages the roads can choose where to place the posts and at what heights.

In recent years, old light poles have been replaced in our country – very expensive in terms of electricity consumption – with modern street lamps. The new posts consist of led lights more energy saving and have the advantage of illuminating in the same way (but even more, in some cases) than the previous ones.

Modern light poles also allow citizens to connect to Wi-Fi and recharge their electric car. In fact, in some Italian cities, these multifunctional street lamps are already active. But what strange devices can you see on light poles? Here are all the details about it.

Everything you need to know about devices located on light poles: here are the details

As we anticipated, the new generation light poles they not only emit light to ensure greater safety for motorists and all people on the road at night. In fact, these elements they can be used for many other functions. One of these is, without a doubt, linked to the presence of video surveillance cameras on them. But for what reasons is it possible to glimpse these cameras in some cities?

Light pole cameras
Modern light poles: here are the important functions of the cameras placed on them – Motori.News

The presence of cameras on the light poles makes it possible to make these elements operational both for public lighting and to facilitate a better video surveillance system. Having cameras always active, in fact, allows the police and carabinieri to be able to obtain valuable information in the event of a road accident or any other problem that occurs on the street in a given point.

But the cameras placed on the street lamps can be useful not only for ensuring road safety, but also for monitor other important aspects. In fact, these cameras are equipped with sensors capable of detecting how many cars pass on that particular stretch of road in the various time slots. This aspect is important, since remotely, the various municipalities will be able to choose when to maximize visibility and when to reduce it. All this according to various specific needs.

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Being able to adjust the intensity of the light according to real needs, therefore, will also allow you to save as much electricity as possible. A real godsend for individual municipalities.

We can therefore say goodbye to the old light poles. If before they only served to improve the visibility of all the people on the street, today they perform a whole series of functions. And they do this while also saving much more electricity than before. A real breakthrough.

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