€2 from the Carabinieri, check immediately if they are in your wallet: you have no idea what they are worth

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Check carefully if you have a €2 coin with the carabinieri printed on it in your wallet, because it has an important value, different from the others.

€2 from the Carabinieri
€2 from the Carabinieri-Motori.news

The coins in the wallet are never lacking because they have been part of our daily life for a very long time now, they have been normalized and accepted becoming commonly used even if at the beginning nobody frowned upon them.

Compared to all the other coins, the €2 coin is varied in the sense that many different specimens have been in circulation for years. For example, one of the most valuable is that of the Carabinieri which is part of the collection of commemorative coins, which collectors go looking for with great passion and curiosity.

Coins, the significant proposal of many EU countries

It’s about coins proposed over the years by the countries that form the European Union to pay homage to events, characters or elements that have shaped the history of the various EU countries in some way.

Italy is among the most prosperous, because since 2004 it has launched at least one commemorative coin presented in homage to a character or a fundamental historical event for the country.

For example, in 2014, 2 years after the foundation of the Carabinieri, the €2 coin was presented which symbolizes the forces of order. The coin we are talking about, on the one hand is completely identical to all the other €2 coins, while on the other it has something special.


Here’s how to recognize the coin dedicated to the Carabinieri

On the one hand there is in fact the representation taken from the Carabinieri Patrol sculpture nella tormenta by Antonio Berti, or a work that dates back to 1973. If you are lucky, you can also find the coins that have the representations of the years 1814 and 2014.

The €2 coin of the Carabinieri differs from the others because it bears the initials LDS as well as the signature of the creator Luciana De Simoni. Now let’s get to the point, many may be wondering what is the value of this coin?

To tell the truth, unfortunately, at least for now, it is not worth very much, because its issue is quite recent and we know that everything of value is dated. The real value of the coin is mostly linked to the Carabinieri weapon, a sentimental or symbolic value, in fact it was conceived precisely for collectors and for those who are part of the weapon.

The peculiarity of this coin is that at the bottom it is much more shiny than the others. Some sell it for 20 euros, others for 10, so there is no actual reference value.

The €2 article from the Carabinieri, check immediately if they are in your wallet: you have no idea what they are worth, it comes from Motori News.

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