Ramon Forcada, the most sought after technician: after the MotoGP here is the new challenge

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How many news for Ramon Forcada in a few months. His great experience in the service of the future: this is what he will do.

Ramon Forcada, experience for the future – MotoriNews

It’s no secret that Ramón Forcada is one of the most appreciated technicians in the world of two wheels. His experience and yours capacity shown in the many years lived in the paddock MotoGP they are more than known and recognized. In the last GP a misano left the MotoGP premier class after working as crew chief Andrea Doviziosowho retired after that race. Did you think he was comfortable on the couch? Absolutely not, indeed he immediately launched into one new challenge. In this 2023 he will then face another one, that’s which one. And seeing how she has turned into gold everything touched so far, will be the case for to observe his next engagements…

Forcada, young people first

The decades of work and experience in MotoGP ended in the last GP of San Marino. A thrilling ending for Andrea Dovizioso, but also for Ramon Forcada, who concluded his work. But don’t let one get away technical so competent and from the league JuniorGP the first assault has arrived. So here is that MIR Racing Team manages to secure Forcada, who willingly accepts the new experience and thus puts his great experience at the service of young promises of the two wheels. A noticeable boost for a team that has come in since few years in the preparatory championship for the MotoGP world championship. In the last round in Valencia a double podium, a first for the team! Does it end here? Absolutely not, Forcada is required also in another sector.

Electric challenge

In today’s day RNF Team has formalized his training for the next MotoE World Championship. But Andrea Mantovani and the rookie Mika Perez these are not the only novelties for 2023. Razlan Razali he didn’t lose much time before “getting back” his former crew chief. Ramón Forcada however he will cover a very different role: in fact he will be the Team Manager of the team in action in the championship electric. A new era will open for MotoE and the Malaysian facility has done quite a few changesbut how not to reassure the favors of a technician with such great experience. “Ramon has great experience, it is meticulous and precise in everything he does” Razali said about him. “We have the total trust in him in the management of the MotoE team.” Ramon Forcada himself launches with enthusiasm in the second new challenge in a few months. “I’m really excited” he has declared. “We’re basically building one new teamworking in a new category is really interesting for me.”