it’s cheap and it’s very safe

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The perfect car for the elderly does exist. Obviously everyone will think that any car can be up to it, in reality this is not the case at all, those of a certain age have very specific needs that cannot be denied.

The perfect car for the elderly
The perfect car for the

The cars that we are going to list have important particularities, they respond to common needs and requirements they are aesthetically perfect, or almost.

Among the characteristics that cannot fail to be mentioned, there is the high seat which reduces effort when going out or entering the passenger compartment. In some the main feature is the size of the vehicle, not exaggerated, within the limits, which aims to facilitate parking.

Then follows, although not in all, the presence of the automatic gearbox, essential for not stressing the legs during the journey, whether long or short.

Cars suitable for the elderly, many of these are SUVs

Most of the cars suitable for the elderly are SUVs, German, US, Japanese, French cars for sale at moderate prices. The first is the €30,400 Citroen C5 Aircross BlueHdi 130 EAT 8 Business, the most suitable car for the elderly even if it is bulky, it is 4.5 m long, but it is compact and manages to travel many kilometers with little diesel.

The Fiat 500L follows, on sale for 25,100 euros, it is a beautiful Turin minivan, perfect for the elderly who do not want to spend large sums, it can also be driven by novice drivers, it has 95 horsepower but is very noisy. Then it is equipped with an automatic gearbox.

It follows the Ford Ecosport St line, US SUV, equipped with automatic headlights and rain sensors, with traffic sign recognition, leather interior, very agile in curves, can accommodate up to three people in the rear seats. Then it has the reduced engine capacity which allows you to save on insurance.

Jeep, here are the flaws of a fantastic car suitable for everyone

Obviously, an off-road vehicle such as the Jeep Wrangler cannot be missing, perfect for the elderly who are always looking for adventure. An all-wheel drive car, 200 horsepower, snappy, eight gears and low gears to be able to overcome all obstacles with practicality and simplicity.

Unfortunately the trunk is small and it is not possible to request the leather interior, or the light and rain sensors because they are not even available as an option.

The last car is the Mitsubishi Eclipse cross 1.5, compact, suitable for the elderly who don’t like traveling by car, so they only use it for short journeys. Its consumption is very high for this reason the less it is used to travel long distances, the better for the wallet.