Forget to do it, 7,000 euros of an instant fine if they stop you in this state: goodbye money

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You risk a fine of 7,000 euros if at the checkpoint the Carabinieri ask for a particular document and you do not have one.

Forget about it
Forget about

Nothing escapes the checkpoint of the Police, Carabinieri, etc., who carry out random or spot checks every day, based on what they are looking for.

When driving a vehicle, you must always comply with the rules of the road in any situation as well as be provided with all the documents of the vehicle and personal documents.

These, once requested by the agents, must be compulsorily provided, unless you want to risk receiving emails very high fines up to a maximum of €7,000.

What is important to always have with you when driving a vehicle

Initially the agents during a routine inspection, check the car externally and internally. If they notice something that may not be compliant, for example a broken or incorrectly approved headlight, they request other documents to verify and possibly raise a fine for the owner of the vehicle.

Among all the documents that must be shown is the valid driving license for the vehicle being driven. Then of course the vehicle registration certificate cannot be missing, on which type approval information is written.

If, for example, it is indicated on it that the vehicle must be fitted with 16-inch rims, while the car is fitted with larger rims, then this is an offense, which is also followed by a fine in this case.

Finally, the agents ask for the insurance sticker to verify that the vehicle is covered. While many years ago you had to show the coupon directly on the windshield, now all you need to do is have the sticker indicating the policy with you.

To be valid, the insurance must obviously be valid. The insurance contracts are annual, but half-yearly policies can also be stipulated based on the agencies, which allow you to split the payment into two.

Some policies can even be suspended during periods of time when the vehicle is not circulating. If the insurance has expired and therefore the vehicle is circulating without coverage, you risk a fine ranging from 866 euros to 3464 euros.

Here’s what can happen with online insurance and what you risk

There are many motorists who insure their vehicles online to save money and in case of checks, they show emails or PDF files they receive as proof of payment of the insurance.

Then, when the agents go to check they sometimes realize that the insurance is invalid but the owner of the vehicle is unaware of it. All they can do is impose a fine of €7,000.

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