Alex Rins what are you up to? Look what happened to the MotoGP rider! VIDEO

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Alex Rins is approaching a difficult MotoGP year. But first there was a small problem for the LCR Honda rider…

Alex Rins, a small “snag” – MotoriNews

There is still some time left for the new season MotoGP. Lots of new features planned in the premier class of the World Championship, primarily various changes for a good number of riders. One of them is Alex Rins who, bitterly greeted the Suzuki team, got married in LCR Honda for 2023. The Spanish rider is already training on a road Honda to get close to one tough challenge, given the HRC situation in recent years. But before that Alex Rins starred in a funny episodea little “accident”: this is what happened to the new Ala Dorata pilot.

Alex Rins, the unexpected

In this period the number #42 he is enjoying the long winter break at his home in Andorra surrounded by his parents affected dearest, namely his wife Alexandra and little son Lucas. Without clearly neglecting the Preparation for the new world year and, as mentioned, the complex challenge on the horizon. There is a Honda not simple to tame, even Marc Marquez himself, who worked wonders on the RC-V, admitted the difficulty. In addition to being the protagonist of accidents scary, like him all the brand mates. Well, in the Karst of Rins, however, the first accident happened a little earlier than expected… But it is everything OKas he commented amused (ed embarrassed) the MotoGP rider himself. Check out the pictures below!

Trial by fire

As mentioned, the next world season will be quite complex for Alex Rins. The Spanish rider has said it several times, he never wanted to leave Suzuki. But the Hamamatsu house had other plans, namely to cancel the programme MotoGP starting from the 2023 season. At least for now, in the future who knows… The fact is that Rins had to marry in LCR Honda for the next world year. From heaven to hell? Obviously we hope that the situation will change, that’s why he was also hired Ken Kawauchiformer magician Suzuki, for change course. An old acquaintance for the Spanish rider number #42, one more hope for Honda. HRC has experienced two years to forget sinceinjury by Marc Marquez, it’s time to start the ascent. Can the arrival of Alex Rins help in this sense? Sure Spanish is more than that ready for the new challenge.