it costs you less than 1 coffee

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Among the taxes most hated by Italian motorists, there is the car tax because it is thought to be totally useless, with an excessively high cost that not everyone can afford to pay.

Car tax

There are those who try not to pay the car tax by using the vehicle anyway, committing a crime, in the hope of never being caught, and those who instead pay it over time, when has the economic means to do so.

The best thing to do is pay the car tax as soon as it arrives, to be in good standing and not risk anything.

Car tax payment, single solution or installment? Here’s what you can do

Payment can be made both in a single solution and in installments. The higher the power of the vehicle, the higher the value of the stamp duty, consequently paying in a single solution becomes difficult if not impossible, especially in these times.

But if you don’t pay the car tax, that happens this becomes a tax debt, which is then sent to the debtor as a tax bill and here they get into real trouble. Few people know that it is possible to pay the car tax in installments, whether it has just expired, or in the form of a tax collection notice, or if it has just arrived.


How to pay the debt with the Revenue Agency in installments and pay the car tax in 3 easy installments

The debt can be made directly by going to the revenue agency’s website in just a few clicks. If the region of residence allows it, you can request the installment of the stamp duty even when it has expired, without this becoming an actual debt.

If it has not yet expired, the installment can be made in the same way, but through a particular expedient, nothing difficult. It is simply a matter of paying through the pago pa portal, a digital portal well known all over the world which simplifies payment transactions on the net and beyond.

Anyone who has a PayPal account, which must be associated with a card or a bank account, can pay off the debt at any time in a very short time. Here’s how and what to do. The first thing is to connect to the Revenue Agency, then choose to pay in three installments with Pay Payl and that’s it.

The car tax can be paid comfortably in 3 installments, therefore in 3 months. Important to know that the maximum amount that can be paid in installments is €2,000, while the minimum is 30 euros which is equivalent to the cost of 1 coffee per day. Be careful because only natural persons can request the installment payment.