Cutting scam, everyone is falling for it: call the Carabinieri immediately

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The first thing to do when you notice something strange, when you find yourself in any situation that could be dangerous or could have serious consequences, is to call the Carabinieri or otherwise the police, to be on the safe side.

Cutting scam

in Italy over the last few years theft attempts have increased dramatically of cars.

The criminals implement perverse techniques, increasingly strange and well thought out that work and allow them to put aside an important loot.

Here is the biggest risk that Italian motorists run every day

The most difficult thing that all motorists find themselves having to do on a daily basis is to drive a vehicle on any road and be able to bring him home in perfect condition, without damage of any kind, but above all without falling victim to scams.

Car theft, fraud and so on, are now the order of the day, the techniques that are used are varied and modernalmost impossible to discover.

When you’re driving any vehicle, you have to open your eyes and pay attention to everything because even a small distraction can make you fall prey to theft and deception without even realizing it.

This is how the tire slicing scam comes about

The latest scam has made many careless motorists fall into the trap of cutting the tyre. Thieves take advantage of the motorist’s concern to enter the game and take the car away, losing track in a few seconds.

In the absence of cameras, It’s really hard to track down scammers. The damage can therefore be substantial. They act like this. They call their prey by screaming or simply making gestures informing them that they have just had a flat tire on their car.

As soon as the owner of the vehicle goes down to check and estimate the damage, the criminals take advantage and steal the vehicle. For this reason, if something like this happens, first get off to check it is better to remove the keys from the panel and close the machine, always remaining nearby.

While checking the wheels, the keys must be kept in your pocket all the time and in the meantime if you should become aware of anything strange, for example a particularly suspicious attitude on the part of the scammers, it is advisable to call the assistance or the Police or the Carabinieri for protect yourself from any problems and damages.