“It was worth it”

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Enea Bastianini ensures battle in his first season in Ducati red. In the next few days the official presentation of the team.

Enea Bastianini (Ansa)
Enea Bastianini – Motors.News

These are days of photoshooting at Ducati before the official presentation of the 2023 team in Madonna di Campiglio. Aeneas Bastianini he makes his debut in red and will join world champion Pecco Bagnaia, a coexistence-rivalry that leaves MotoGP enthusiasts rubbing hands, especially in light of what happened in the previous season. Ban on every priority of the brand, silenced every possible team order, the two compatriots certainly did not spare themselves.

Maximum friendship and great respect, collaboration will be fundamental for the evolution of the new one Ducati Desmosedici GP23, but there will be no discounts on the track. After all, in addition to honor, there are millions of euros at stake in bonuses, with wages that could triple in case of victory of the world title… Not a trivial matter! Enea Bastianini will continue with his approach to the new bike during the preseason and will have to adapt to a new working methodology in the official team. A phase that could require a more or less long adaptation phase before being able to give the best of oneself.

Bastianini out of the shadow of the VR46 Academy

Enea Bastianini in Red for the next two years – MotoriNews

In the coming days they will meet side by side for the usual photos, the first interviews, then it will be time to focus on the next one Irta test in Malaysia, when both will hit the track from 10 to 12 February. “There is rivalry, but friendship comes first. We have known each other since we were children“, the rider from Romagna told ‘La Repubblica’. “It’s the first time we ride for the same team. I respect that. I have a lot to learn, he will be my first opponent“.

Enea Bastianini defines himself as a driver from other times, he has no intention of being the “second” driver in the garage. “I’m from the old school: I drive instinctively, I think little and I let myself be guided by passion… If it were up to me there should always be wheel-to-wheel duels“. Respect for everyone, but without ever thinking of having to cut the gas. In fact even with certain personal decisions of his confirms his somewhat rebellious spirit. Despite already being a champion (in the 2020 Moto2 championship) and with an Italian passport, he preferred not to put himself in the shadow of the VR46 Academy by Valentino Rossi. “I have been 5 or 6 times to the Tavullia Ranch, the relations have always been good. They would have wanted me at the VR46 Academy, but I chose Gresini. Maybe it was a risk, but it was worth it“.

Furthermore, there will not only be internal rivalry at Ducati. Marc Marquez he seems to be able to return to excellent form after three years complicated by injuries, in the past he has shown that he doesn’t necessarily need the best bike to aim for the World Championship. “Marc has won more than anyone else. He will be a tough opponent this year. He’s the favorite and I can’t wait to duel him“.