How to produce Diesel at home, the ingredient is in the kitchen: you don’t pay 1 euro

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The increase in the cost of fuel is one of the many daily aspects that generate anxiety in millions of Italians. Price increases in every sector are making themselves felt more and more. Consequently, more and more people are looking for more convenient solutions in order to save a few tens of euros each month. Did you know that it is possible to produce diesel in an artisanal way and using completely natural ingredients? Let’s find out all the details on this topic.

How to produce Diesel at home
How to produce Diesel at

The New Year brought a bitter surprise to our country’s motorists and motorcyclists. In fact, the Italian Government has chosen to say stop cutting excise duties on the price of fuel. As a result, petrol and diesel returned to an increase of about 30 cents per liter compared to the last months of the previous year.

However, the situation will be monitored from month to month. In the event of an excessive increase in fuel, more stringent measures will be taken, in order to guarantee a more rosy situation for citizens. Private sector employees, meanwhile, can already take advantage of a company benefit on petrol of 200 euros. However, it must be approved by your employer.

Diesel, as we have all seen, has come at a higher cost than petrol. A completely new situation compared to the past. On average, about 8-10 cents “dance” between the two fuels, but the situation has reversed compared to previous years. Now diesel is the most expensive.

Motorists owning diesel-powered cars, therefore, are increasingly looking for alternative ways to save. Illegal methods, as well as being harmful to your car’s engine, are absolutely not recommended. Instead, what we’re going to talk about today can actually save you a lot of money. What are we referring to? Here are all the details about homemade diesel.

Homemade Diesel: Here’s everything you need to know about it

Have you already had the opportunity to find out about biodiesel? Do you know what it is? In this article we let you find out all about it chemical process and on renewables with which it will be possible to obtain diesel directly at home. We are going to highlight all aspects of this procedure.

Biodiesel sunflower oil
Here’s how to get biodiesel using renewable sources – Motori.News

The biodiesel it is a real fuel. Unlike ordinary diesel, it will be obtained from some renewable sources, such as sunflower oil and animal or natural fats. Take the sunflower oil – an ingredient that is easy to find in the kitchen – and add the anhydrous ethyl alcohol, ie ethanol.

At this point, it will be appropriate to dissolve some caustic soda. For each liter of sunflower oil added, you will have to put the right proportions for the other elements just mentioned. Therefore, in order to obtain a correct biodiesel, add 7 grams of caustic soda and about 250 grams of ethanol.

Mix everything for about 60 minutes and you will see that the glycerin will go to the bottom of the container. The liquid part obtained will be separated from the glycerine and placed in another container. But the process didn’t end there. Indeed, this liquid could be counterproductive for your car’s engine and could damage it.

It will therefore be advisable to eliminate the impurities, i.e. the traces of hydroxide and the various residues with reference to the added fats and soaps. Biodiesel at this stage, therefore, is not yet pure. To make it truly “operational” for your tank, therefore, you will need to remove these impurities.

Homemade diesel – Motori.News

To do this, it will be expedient use a pump and dispenser. A method not really within everyone’s reach. However, those who are able to put their hands on these things will be able to obtain this biodiesel. It will save you some money and, if really washed properly, it will absolutely not damage the engine and, on the contrary, it will also allow you to reduce harmful emissions for the environment.