Have you ever noticed these devices above traffic lights? You have no idea of ​​their use

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The traffic lights allow you to better regulate the traffic in some intersections considered dangerous by the bodies that manage the various roads. These tools are used all over the world and, if respected by motorists and pedestrians, make it possible to reduce the number of accidents and improve road safety. But did you know that rather unusual devices can be placed above these traffic lights? What are they for? Here are all the details about it.

Devices above traffic lights
Devices above traffic lights – Motori.News.it

THE traffic lights they are luminous signals, conceived many decades ago in order to regulate the traffic of vehicles and pedestrians in certain intersections. As everyone knows, traffic lights come in three different colors. Red imposes a stop to passing vehicles, while green guarantees the possibility of engaging the crossing. Yellow or orange, on the other hand, informs about the transition from green to red.

On the latest generation of traffic lights there are often special ones cameras, capable of detecting cars traveling beyond the speed limits of that stretch of road. These cameras guarantee perfect detection thanks to the T-Red system. This system monitors the behavior of users at traffic lights, not only with regard to speed, but also with reference to other specific situations.

In fact, in addition to the speed limits, these cameras can take pictures of license plates – and, therefore, fine the motorist – too if you run a red light or if you cross the stop line at a traffic light while stopped. This system has made it possible to greatly reduce accidents and to encourage people’s attention when driving their vehicle.

But did you know that they are not the only devices that can be placed on traffic lights? Let’s go to the discovery of other cameras capable of performing a specific function. Here are all the details about it.

What are the devices placed on the traffic lights for? Here’s everything you need to know

The new devices that we are going to describe now are not intended to fine passing motorists. This is the premise we make, in order to remove further “anxiety” from citizens in a period of strong price increases. The invitation we make, however, is to always regulate the speed and to always respect the signals, the traffic lights and all the rules present in the Highway Code. So what are these strange devices on traffic lights for?

Traffic light new devices
The new device placed on the traffic lights: that’s what it’s for – Motori.News

As anticipated, they are not speed cameras or surveillance cameras for monitoring the safety of citizens in a specific area of ​​the city. These cameras perform a completely unexpected, but incredibly technological function. Let’s find out every detail.

These devices are placed on some traffic lights located in areas where traffic is usually very intense. It may seem strange, but these cameras aim to reduce queues and congest, therefore, the traffic a little less. Truly cutting-edge technology, capable of reducing the waiting time for cars at traffic lights.

Practically, thanks to these “smart traffic lights”, the going green there won’t be once you’ve passed a certain time limit, but rather in the presence of a large number of cars in the queue. These devices will be able to automatically recognize the possible formation of queues on one of the sides of the intersection. They will then send gods inputs to the various traffic lights of the intersection, in order to improve the traffic situation. So, no more useless waste of time queuing at the traffic lights.

This monitoring, in addition to reducing waiting at traffic lights, also guarantees an improvement in the situation relating to pollution in a given area. A car that is stationed less in one point, in fact, will release fewer polluting emissions.