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A new trim level has been launched for one of the best-selling and most popular SUVs of the Dacia brand. The Romanian car manufacturer is experiencing really important years in terms of sales and appreciation by public opinion. But which SUV are we talking about? Here are all the details on this vehicle with an excellent value for money.

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There Dacha is a Romanian car manufacturer founded way back in 1966. But it has been since the end of the 90s, precisely since 1999, that it has begun to impose itself not only on the local market, but also on an international level. In fact, from that date onwards the purchase and marketing of the brand by Renault has been made official.

Dacia today is the most important company in Romania and even guarantees 8% of the exports of the whole country. A real success for the car brand, capable of establishing itself on the international market thanks to the excellent value for money of the vehicles manufactured and offered.

After a period of skepticism, even in our country it is not uncommon to see the best-known models of the Romanian brand Dacia. Cars that have been very successful were, for example, the Dacia Duster and the Dacia Sandero.

But what new version of a well-known Dacia SUV has been made? When will it be commercially available? Let’s find out all the technical details on this new set-up of one of the best-known SUVs of the Romanian brand.

Here is the new set-up of the Dacia-branded SUV: let’s find out all the details

In 2021 the Electric SUV of the Romanian car manufacturer. We are talking about the Dacia Spring. It had the record of having been the cheapest electric car in that particular historical period. A high performance SUV, but also convenient and affordable for all budgets. But which new equipment of this SUV has been made and will soon be commercially available? Here are the details.

Dacia Spring Extreme
The Dacia Spring Extreme: here are all the details on this new set-up of the Romanian car manufacturer’s electric SUV – Motori.News

The Dacia Spring will soon be available in version Extreme. The car is more powerful compared to the previous one and will therefore guarantee better performance in various respects. So we are talking about top-of-the-range model from Dacia in reference to pure electric.

This new version comes with the slate blue color and is able to arrive at 65 HP of power, compared to the 45 HP of the original Dacia Spring. As for autonomy, it will be possible to travel up to 220 kilometers in WLTP and up to 305 kilometers in WLTP City. These are the official data released by Dacia.

Even as regards the interior, this Extreme setup stands out. In fact, i seats have copper-colored details and the floor mats are rubber. It will then be up to you to discover other captivating details inside the car!

From January 18th you will be able to order this new version of the Spring. It will actually be available on the street in a few months, just before the summer arrives. The cost of this compact SUV is, as is always the case with the Dacia, very convenient. In fact, we will start from 23,000 and 200 euros in the basic version.

Dacia’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Xavier Martinet, is proud of this new setup designed for the Dacia Spring. These are his words on the great results obtained by this electric SUV: “In less than 2 years, customers have made Spring one of the market leading electric vehicle models with over 100,000 orders logged since launch. We hope that Spring will be on the European podium of the best-selling electric vehicles by private customers. In France, it is the best-selling electric vehicle”.

He continued: “Often initially purchased as a second family car, Spring imposes itself, during the week, as the main means of transport for 90% of the families who have chosen it. Bold and visionary, Spring is perfectly capable of responding to customers’ mobility needs”.