€6,000 fine if you forget to do this in your car, check everything: goodbye driving licence

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When you are driving a vehicle you have to pay attention to every gesture, because even what may appear trivial can cause very high fines, which weigh on the wallet of any motorist in the world.

€6000 fine
€6000 fine-Motori.news

It doesn’t take much to receive a fine of €6000, for example, go through the toll booth without paying.

To go through the tollbooth you pay, everyone who travels and not only knows this. Either you pay with cash, or simply using the Telepass device that sends the signal directly from the car on which it is mounted, to open the barrier.

The method that many motorists use to avoid queues and pay automatically

Despite everything being so easy, practical and fast, some motorists have found the best way to risk hefty fines by committing absurd infractionsof illegalities that have no small weight.

You can subscribe to Telepass at any time of the year, to have the possibility of paying much less at the tollbooth, but above all in an automatic solution, avoiding having to go looking for coins and wasting time especially in the presence of queues.

Anyone who activates the service must sign a contract with the Telepass company, then linking a current account to which the costs will be debited each time they pass through the toll booth. To be able to pay automatically, simply approach after having mounted the Telepass in the right point of the car and wait for the barrier to rise.


Here’s what happened to an unfair woman

The cost of the Telepass is €2 per month, the money for the passages is debited every two or three months by calculating it summarily. Each device can be associated with a maximum of two entrance panels.

Unfortunately not all users are correct, for example the lady who has passed the same toll booth 145 times without paying a penny knows something about it. The person we are talking about received a fine of 6,632 euros and was accused of committing a crime fraud against the State and Autostrade per l’Italia.

In order not to pay, he took advantage of a trick that allowed him to evade the toll booths, pass without paying and save money, all until she was discovered and what she was doing came out.

Basically, she queued up with the cars that were in front of her, after the correct motorists paid and the barrier opened, they passed. She used to hang out with them totally free. Like this woman, many other people use this trick and many others.

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