Bike, you have to pay €3,827 if you don’t respect this new rule: endless fines

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Going around by bike doesn’t mean having the right to do what you want, when you want, but it means respecting the highway code just like all those who move on motor vehicles do.

Bike, you have to pay 3827 euros
Bike, you have to pay 3827 euros – Motori.News

Unfortunately, not all of us are informed about what the highway code says. Speaking of bikes and e-bikes, we all believe that pre-established limits and rules have something to do with itare only with those who drive cars, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, etc.

In reality, normal bikes and electric bikes, despite not having an electric motor, are called, in the same way, to respect road signs, traffic lights, one-way streets, pedestrian crossings and so on.

Anyone who does not do so is subject to fines, which, however, can also be quite high, more than expected.

The rules that apply to bicycles are the same as those that apply to cars and other motor vehicles

Even for bicycles, even where there are no signs, the speed limits of 90 km/h on secondary and local motorways, 50 km/h in built-up areas and 70 km/h in built-up areas apply. but they allow for an increase in speed.

Be careful, because in this case, there is a warning from road signs so don’t worry even if you do should be caught at the checkpoint or from a speed camera to traveling at 70 km/h.

Fines if you don’t respect the speed limits, that’s how much they amount

If the electric bikes do not respect the speed limits, they risk getting serious fines, but not the suspension of the license or the deduction of points from the same simply because to ride the bikes it is not necessary to have the document.

As far as economic penalties are concerned, if the speed limit is exceeded by no more than 10 km/h, a fine ranging from €41 to €168 will be paid. If, on the other hand, the speed limit is exceeded by more than 40 km/h but less than 60, the fine ranges from €527 to €2,108.

To conclude, if the limit is not respected and it is even exceeded by 60 km per hour, the fine ranges from €821 to €3,827. There are some electric bikes, which can reach 45km/h, for this reason they are placed on the same level as mopeds which risk as much as motor vehicles.

Whoever drives them must be in possession of a driving license or an AM licence. Bikes must be insured and registered to be considered in order. You can only drive them if you are 16 years old.