€7000 fine, even if you’ve always done it now it’s forbidden: they ruin you

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You risk a €7,000 fine if you commit an offence, which at first glance may seem trivial, but in reality it is not at all.

€7000 fine
€7000 fine – Motori.News

Many users who circulate on the street by any means, as well as on foot, do not know the highway code as they should, consequently they don’t respect it.

The fact that it has always gone well does not mean that they have always behaved in the best way and in full compliance with the rules. It rather means that you were lucky.

But luck does not always accompany us, so unless you want to take a big risk, it is good to find out about what can and cannot be done, because the law does not allow excuses, justifications or ignorance.

Here is the absolute most serious behavior that carries high penalties

So any day you can see a fine arrive out of nowhere and be forced to pay it, even though you don’t have the economic means to do so. Many of us have made this mistake, at least once in our lives thinking we were doing nothing serious. Instead it is the exact opposite.

It’s all about peeing on the street. Anyone who does so risks getting fines ranging from 5,000 to €10,000, not thinking that it could be a crime in all respects. Unfortunately, traveling along any type of road, highway, etc., we happen to see someone stop at the lay-by and smile, because you can tell what he’s doing.

In fact, that someone could not resist the physical need to urinate, but there is little to laugh about. The fact that he has decided to urinate where it is not possible is a serious matter. Many even do it in the historic centerwhere they can be quietly caught by cameras, under prying eyes.

It may happen that no one notices at the moment, but unfortunately we understand and intuit what happened simply because of the smell. Which is not a very good invitation for any city. For this and many other reasonsshould be avoided. Once upon a time immigrants were accused, in reality it is mainly Italians who do so.


How to avoid fines

There are only two methods to avoid the fine: present the medical certificate to certify the impossibility of withholding needs, for example being elderly or sick, or prove that he could not have done otherwise.

In this case it is sufficient to demonstrate that there were no toilets, bars and so on nearby. If you were to find yourself along the motorway within walking distance of a petrol station, you have no excuse why in this case you have the option of having a coffee and paying €1 to then use the bathroom. The choice to urinate outside is the most disadvantageous from many points of view.