Save gas with the window hack, nobody knows about it

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This year, refueling has become the nightmare of all Italian and non-Italian motorists, who try to limit refueling costs, using their own vehicles as little as possible.

Window trick
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Those who used the car or motorbike to move from one place to another, in the city or outside the city, today they choose to take advantage of public transport despite the fact that they are not very, or not at all, reliable.

In reality, there are other very convenient ways to save money, which do not necessarily require give up the use of the car or motorbike.

These are little known methods, but so effective that they directly reduce the waste of petrol, lengthening the time between one stop and another at the petrol station.

Here’s the secret that nobody knows, which has to do with petrol and car windows

The advice that we all should listen to is first of all to change our habits both in summer and in winter, because many of these waste petrol unnecessarily. Among all these is the wrong and inappropriate use of air conditioning.

Turning on the air conditioning in the car increases fuel consumption by 10%. But few know this. For this reason when traveling at low speed, for example in town, in summerit is better to turn on only the fan and not the air.

If you roll down the window in the summer, some fresh air can enter, making the air inside the passenger compartment less heavy and more livable. On the other hand, when traveling at high speed and therefore exceeding 80 km/h on the motorway or along roads that permit it, the best thing to do is raise the windows and turn on the air conditioning.

The reason is clear: the open window increases consumption because the vehicle puts up resistance, therefore traveling with more difficulty. According to several tests, simply using the window trick you can save €35 for each one in full, especially if yes they travel long distances and therefore often travel by car.

Fuel saving tips

Then, as trivial as it may seem, it is better to avoid decelerating and accelerating frequently. Rather it is better to try to keep the speed constant, always, preferring gentle braking rather than sudden braking.

Sudden braking, among other things, also puts one’s own safety at risk because if the car traveling behind us does not respect the safety distance or in any case moves at high speed, risk of crashing.

In this case, the damages do not only concern the vehicle itself, but also those traveling inside it who could suffer the worst.

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