730. the car insurance deducts it: it’s very easy to do

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Once again this year the time of 730 is coming, now all families will be able to present the expenses incurred during a year, which was, among other things, particular and difficult.

730, car insurance
730, car insurance – Motori.News

All those families know something about it for which getting to the end of the month was almost impossible.

Despite many have lost their jobs or have been affected by a significant reduction in salary, have had to face the inevitable expenses that allow them not to have problems with the law.

Among these we cannot fail to mention the car tax and the insurance, which knock on the door of the house once or twice a year, according to the RC Auto policy stipulated and which generally have a quite high amount.

Here’s what many Italian motorists try to do to save money

The owner of any vehicle goes in search of the policy more advantageous at any time of the year, to take advantage of any discount with direct discounts or other. In any case, everyone has always asked themselves a question, to which not everyone has found a valid answer.

The question is the following: with the 730 is it possible to request the deduction for the cost incurred for the insurance? The law in this regard is quite clear, everything is changed as of 2014.

Until 2013, only 19% of the amount paid for the insurance could be deducted. All this only for amounts greater than €40.00. All in all we can say that at the time this was certainly not simply considered a positive facilitation because it didn’t allow you to save who knows what figures.


From 2014 onwards, everything has changed, what can’t be requested with the 730 and what can

Unfortunately from 2014 onwards the unthinkable happened, the deduction was canceled altogether so it hasn’t been possible since then get back not even a very small percentage. Through the DL 102 of 2013, which considered this benefit useless, the deduction was canceled

Even if it is not possible to obtain the deduction for the cost of insurance with the 730, it can be requested for some special expenses such as insurance on the risk of disability and the risk of death of the driver.

This possibility is also recognized for insurance premiums on the driver’s accident with a 19% deduction which is calculated on an expense of at least €530 a year.

To take advantage of this deduction, additional requirements must also be met, for example having opened life insurance from the period prior to 31 December 2000, or insurance contracts stipulated since 2001 which have to do with the risk of death or disability of 5%.

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