Hoonigan Celebrates Ken Block’s Life With Touching Videos

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Ken Block, international rally star and innovative entrepreneur, died on January 2 after an accident with a snowmobile in the Mill Hollow area. The automotive community was shocked by the news that one of history’s most talented drift and rally racers will no longer be with us. Now, about two weeks later, the Hoonigan team is releasing a new video celebrating Block’s life and career.

We can’t even imagine how hard it must be for her co-stars to be in front of the cameras anymore without their dear best friend. We know how hard it was for us to say one last goodbye to Block. In this new video, the folks at Hoonigan say they will ultimately continue working on new projects because they feel it is the best way to continue Block’s legacy. The team currently has a number of videos featuring Block that have been filmed and will be released in the coming weeks.

In the second part of the video, there is heartwarming footage celebrating Block’s life. It includes some of his earliest drift and stunt appearances on camera, as well as moments from his personal life. There’s also a quick recap with some of Gymkhana’s most impressive stunts featuring the various Fords and Subarus he’s driven.

“I guess my heritage is that I like creative and fun things, you know. I don’t take life too seriously. Ultimately, I try to inspire people to be creative and live a great life. And don’t be an asshole,” says Block at the end of the video.

After Block’s death, his family founded the 43 Institute with the idea of ​​supporting people who might not have the proper support to grow and succeed. The Foundation will seek opportunities for the “network of creatives, business leaders, marketing experts, top-level athletes, and artists that Ken has built over his decades-long career.” You can find more information in the second source link below.

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